Saturday, September 7, 2013

Honey Sweet Honey

Today was the day that I have been looking forward to for YEARS!!  We harvested our honey!

 This is a frame of capped honey.  We used a comb to carefully remove the cap.  

 All the beautiful dark color is pure honey!
 Once the caps are removed, the frames are placed in a honey extractor.

 This one is HUGE and has a hand crank to spin the honey out of the frames.  It leaves the wax comb intact so next year the bees can just make honey.  It will allow them to make honey a lot faster and more of it!

 This is a 5 gallon bucket 3/4 the way full.  
This is our first year beekeeping but from one hive we had over 40 lbs of honey.

I can't even begin to explain the unbelievable taste and aroma!!

Thoughts from the end of our first season beekeeping:

1.)  I was worried there would be bee's all over our yard and I was concerned about my kids
being able to play in the backyard.  The great thing we learned is they fly straight up and out.  So we
do not have bee's  in our yard.  None of my kids have been stung and they really leave us alone.

2.) Very little work or energy goes into beekeeping but the reward is wonderful.  
Well worth our time!

3.) Bee stings are not as bad as I remember.  The only time I have gotten stung is 
when I am either careless or not following the rules to beekeeping.  The only bad thing
about a bee sting is if you get stung in the face the day before lots of family and friends
are coming to Jack's blessing.  So I will have a nice fat eye for tomorrow.  Nice!!

4.) Great hobby for Kirk and I to enjoy together.

Next year we will add a second colony and continue the adventure.


Stephanie J said...

Thanks for the pictures and everything. I have never harvested honey, so it was fun to learn about it. The more I learn, the more interested I am.

Britty said...

Tiffany! I just read a few updates on your blog, it's been forever! It was so fun to see your honey and baby Jack! He's adorable! I was sad to see that Kirk was out of work. I hope something has come up since then. Your family is supposed to be out there and you'll figure it all out. Thinking of you!

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