Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Myla's Race!

There is such a helpless feeling with kidney disease.  I watch my daughter sick and struggling and there is very little I can do.  Until now!  I have been working with an amazing organization called for a few years now.  Nephcure's whole goal is to find a cure for two kinds of kideny diseases, FSGS and Nephrotic Syndrome.  My daughter has Nephrotic Syndrome but it could turn into FSGS at anytime with no warning (I pray this never happens).   

Right now Nephcure is really big back East but not very strong in the West but not in Utah at all.  So my goal has been to bring Nephcure to Utah.  I would love to build a support system out here where kids can get together and parents can talk.  Myla would love to find friends like her.  I think she needs it.

With that said, I decided to host my first 5k and 10k race.  Completely crazy since I have a new baby due in a week and a half.  And well, I have never hosted one before or really anything like it.  

This race really means a lot to Myla.  She is so excited!  Please help support her race and help find a cure for her horrible disease.  

If you would like to sign up for the race.  You can do it here.  Or if you would like a make a donation to the race, click here.  Any amount of money helps!

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