Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Honey Sweet Honey

For about 5 years I have wanted to have my own honey bees.  Since the city we live in allows honey bees, Kirk and I decided to give it a try.  We went through an awesome company call Knight Family Honey.  We purchased our supplies from them and took some classes they offered.  I think we are about three weeks in and so far it has been great.  Honey bees are really low maintenance and only need to check every week or two.

I wish I would have remembered my camera when we installed the bees.  Bummer!  Anyway, this is the box the bees come in.  They come with a silver can you see in the top full of sugar water, a small box that holds just the queen and then 3 lbs of bees.
 This is Kirk opening up the box to look at the frames.  

 This is one of the frames.  In the bottom of the frame you can see light yellow, this is the start of new brood or bee babies.  On the top of the frame is capped off honey.  
 This frame is a very busy brood frame.  The dark yellow you see is pollen.
 When you first start a hive you would start with one box and 10 frames.  After just shy of 3 weeks we were ready to add another box.  You add a box after 7 out of 10 frames are being used.  We actually had 10 frames being used.  Ooops.  The bees worked like crazy this week.  So in about 15 more days we will add another box.  By the end of the season (end of August - beginning of September) we should have 5 full boxes.  The bottom two will be full of brood and some honey, the 3rd box will be solid honey for the bees to use during the winter and the top 2 boxes will be honey for us to use.  That is if everything goes right with our hive.

We have been asked, "What about your kids?"
Well, we chose bees that are very calm and do not swarm.  Also we can walk right up to the hive and they really do not care.  Our kids know not to approach the hive but really we don't even notice them.  When the bees go out to collect nectar they fly straight up.  Our backyard is not full of bees.

So far it has been a really fun hobby and a great addition to our homeschool. 

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