Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Early Mother's Day trip

Our last minute camping trip.
I took pictures with my phone so they are not great but 
it captured the smiles so that's all that counts.
 My hubby is so cute!
 She is growing up WAY too fast!!

 2 is better than 1
 She makes me laugh.
 3 sleeping angels.
 Dillon was totally in his element.
 Catching fish with his girls.
 I love watching my kids play and use their imagination.
 They were so proud!

 Dillon helping clean the fish.
 Myla's new meds kicked in.  The first 2 + hours in the 
morning and last 2 hours at night are pretty rough.  

Honey Sweet Honey

For about 5 years I have wanted to have my own honey bees.  Since the city we live in allows honey bees, Kirk and I decided to give it a try.  We went through an awesome company call Knight Family Honey.  We purchased our supplies from them and took some classes they offered.  I think we are about three weeks in and so far it has been great.  Honey bees are really low maintenance and only need to check every week or two.

I wish I would have remembered my camera when we installed the bees.  Bummer!  Anyway, this is the box the bees come in.  They come with a silver can you see in the top full of sugar water, a small box that holds just the queen and then 3 lbs of bees.
 This is Kirk opening up the box to look at the frames.  

 This is one of the frames.  In the bottom of the frame you can see light yellow, this is the start of new brood or bee babies.  On the top of the frame is capped off honey.  
 This frame is a very busy brood frame.  The dark yellow you see is pollen.
 When you first start a hive you would start with one box and 10 frames.  After just shy of 3 weeks we were ready to add another box.  You add a box after 7 out of 10 frames are being used.  We actually had 10 frames being used.  Ooops.  The bees worked like crazy this week.  So in about 15 more days we will add another box.  By the end of the season (end of August - beginning of September) we should have 5 full boxes.  The bottom two will be full of brood and some honey, the 3rd box will be solid honey for the bees to use during the winter and the top 2 boxes will be honey for us to use.  That is if everything goes right with our hive.

We have been asked, "What about your kids?"
Well, we chose bees that are very calm and do not swarm.  Also we can walk right up to the hive and they really do not care.  Our kids know not to approach the hive but really we don't even notice them.  When the bees go out to collect nectar they fly straight up.  Our backyard is not full of bees.

So far it has been a really fun hobby and a great addition to our homeschool. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I want to record our struggles because I'm hoping once some time passes I can look back and see them all in a better light.  In other words, I'm going to complain.  Fair warning.

Moving to Utah 1 1/2 yrs ago was a very inspired move for us.  Even after all this time, we have not made any friendships here but I still feel like this is where we need to be.  When we decided to move to Utah the first thought Kirk had was, I feel like I need to work for the church.  Being from California we did not know at the time that the church does hire people.  He applied, got offered a job and off we moved.  Well 3 1/2 months ago, the church did a workforce reduction and they laid off a lot of people including Kirk.  What a shock!  To say Kirk loved his job and what he did would be an understatement.  Kirk was devastated.  But I had this peace that everything would work out.  Well its been 3 1/2 months and still no job.  The crazy thing is he has a great resume, Masters, certs and lots of experience.   So what is the deal????  We don't know.  This is the first time we have faced unemployment since we have been married.  One word comes to mind.... STRESSFUL.

Myla, Myla, Myla.  That is a whole book within its self.  As you have seen in my past blog updates she is sick.  I don't really include the gut wrenching feelings that go with that.  All the tears and heartache.  About a month ago she had symptoms of kidney failure.  I have never cried so hard in my whole life.  I can't even express the feelings that go with having a sick child.  A child that can one day lose her fight with kidney disease and die.  The hopeless feeling of having her not feel good day after day and there is nothing you can do to help.  Or the stupid drugs that are making her so sick yet saving her life yet causing damage that we will not know about until she is older.  Or that she has brittle bones and borderline osteoporosis at age 7.  Oh the list goes on......

Me.  How we take our bodies for granted.  My legs hurt everyday.  I struggle walking and doing normal daily tasks which ended being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia  The stress of life has added Psoriasis that I can only treat with essential oils since I am pregnant but the stress is winning.  I'm really frustrated because I want to be able to take care of my family.  I want to be able to clean my house!  Errr

This pregnancy has been really hard on me since my body does not work well right now.  We are getting so close with only 11 1/2 weeks left.  I knew there was a little boy waiting to come to our family long before I got pregnant.  The crazy thing was I was so sure it was a boy, I got rid of my baby girl clothes long before we knew his gender.  I am excited to see him but scared at the same time.  Scared of not being able to take care for him because of my silly body. 
I have a low lying placenta with this pregnancy so tomorrow I find out if it has move up any.  I think I would die having my last pregnancy be a cesarean.  Kirk will hopefully just be starting a new job so he won't be able to take any time off to help me.  

Without saying more than I should, we have a teenager that has hurt our family more than anyone kid should.  

Was that enough complaining?  I think if I was not pregnant I would be able to handle life stresses better but I'm a basket case right now.  

When they say trials come in 3's, they lied.  Just saying.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Myla Update

After 5 relapses since November, and non-stop steroids, we decided to try a new medicine today for Myla. This was a really hard choice for us.  We thought about it for four months to pull the trigger.  The medicine is called Cyclosporine.  It is a very common drug used for Nephrotic Syndrome but not a favorite one because of the side effects.  The two biggest side effects are facial hair growth and gum overgrowth that could grow so much that it covers the teeth.  So with heavy hearts, Myla will start it tomorrow.  

Myla spent most of today really upset.  She kept saying she does not want to look like a monster.  I feel so bad for my little girl.  Days like today I am so grateful that we home school.  Can you imagine how mean kids would be to her at public school?  
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