Thursday, April 18, 2013

Utah skies

There is something about the skies in Utah that are completely breathtaking!

All of these were taken from our back deck.

Paige's 18th Birthday

Paige turns 18.  
Can you believe she is already 18?? 
 It is amazing how fast time flies.

For her BIG birthday, she asked to have a Doctor Who party.

Paige asked me to make her a Dr Who cake.
 For some reason she got me and my
mom confused!  I can not decorate a cake if my life depended on it.
Oh well, she was happy anyway~

Just a few pictures we captured of the fun.  We wanted to leave them alone to have fun but they were laughing so hard, I wish I would have taken some more pictures.

Myla's 7th Birthday

Ok, so this post is just a few months late but I wanted to post all the sweet smiles of our girl Myla.

Myla spent her 7th birthday in California and had probably the best birthday ever!

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