Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fire and Flood

When the mountain right next to our house caught on fire it was probably one of the scariest experiences our family has ever been through!  The fire was probably about 1 football field away from our house when we were evacuated.

We were very blessed that between the wind and the AMAZING fireman, not one house was lost in our town. 

This could have been a very stressful situation but we got really lucky.  My uncle that lives here in Utah invited us to come out to his cabin.  It said it would help take out mind off things....

Kirk and Dillon getting back from playing on the quads all day!

What do you think??  It was pretty tough to stress about the fire staying here!

The only down side was the next day a HUGE fire started across the mountian range from the cabin.

1 comment:

Nikki said...

I want to go there! I'm so glad your house was fine. That was really scary, and so helpless!

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