Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hanging Out

Kirk decided it would be fun for the littles to practice repelling off the back deck.  Some how I got roped (ha ha) into throwing them off the deck one handed. 

Family update!

Capri hanging from our bed.
Sorry for being in hiding so long! It has been an interesting few months to say the least. Here is our family update!

Capri- Is turning into such a big girl! Myla and Sariah both talked really early and were talking complete sentences before they were 1 1/2 yrs. Not Capri, she has talked in her own time but has totally taken off the past few months and is putting words together. We have always loved this age (21 months) and are enjoying EVERY second with her!

Sariah- Is sooo funny! Sariah will be four in March and has really blossomed into this funny, outgoing, sweet little girl. At 3 years old, she decided she wanted to read and is now reading books really well, with just about no effort on my part. Sariah also joins in on home school with Myla and is doing a great job on keeping up.

Myla- Myla just turned 6!!! It always makes me sad as my kids get older because I sure enjoy being their mommy and they are just growing WAY to fast! My LOVES learning and we are having so much fun in home school. It was such a natural transition going from being mom to mom and teacher. Myla relapsed about a month ago but that was the first time in 7 months!! That was the longest break her body has had from steroids in three years. I enjoyed every second of getting to know my non-steroid daughter. Myla is such a peace making in our home. If mommy is grumpy and will make me a card or if her sisters are upset about something she does what ever it takes to make them happy. She even gives up her toys or what she is playing with to make them happy. It is pretty rare to see Myla not smiling!!

Tiffany- The beginning of December I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. That has made life really interesting.... I am right handed and I can not use my hand for 8 weeks. The first two weeks hurt to even move my fingers and house work has been a challenge but I can sleep at night!!! Back in Cali I had some friends into Essential oils but I was too overwhelmed with all there was to know about them to really get into it. Since I moved to Utah I started taking classes on Essential oils and I am SHOCKED at how well and fast they work. The biggest blessing they have given me is they have completely taken away my back and neck pain!!
Kirk- Is totally in love with his job working for the LDS church. He is getting a promotion to project management and will be attending some classes in San Francisco at the end of January. He is also serving in the Elders Quorum presidency and helping get home teaching on track in our new ward.
We love Utah and are having so much fun with all the activities Utah has to offer. We really feel so blessed living here! Also come Spring, we found out we can have chickens again and honey bees!
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