Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our new house pictures

We are finally starting to feel settled and not in constraint transition, which has been our life since earlier this year. In my old house, I never felt like it was permanent, so decorating was never an interest of mine. Now let us just say I have big plans for our new space. It looks really plain right now so you
will have to use some imagination.

Our Kitchen

The sliding door next to the dinning table leads out to our patio.

Master Bath
Not much to look at.... yet!!

 Master Bedroom

This is my favorite place in the morning.  We keep the blinds up at
night so we can wake up with the sun.

Our Alarm Clock
Picture taken from my bed.

Living Room/ Great Room

The basement is coming along and we are hoping to have it finished by Christmas.

We had a few setbacks since Kirk came down with pneumonia but he is

feeling much better now so full steam ahead.

We are loving Utah, our neighborhood, and our new ward family.

We also had just a few of my cousins over for dinner,

tipping the scales at over 20 people. We have lots and lots of family out here.

Kirk is LOVING his job. Not only has the spirit touched Kirk

from working for the LDS church but it has touched our whole family.

We are looking forward to a WHITE Christmas.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My new homemade blog!

I have received some comments about all my homemade ramblings combined with my family blog... so here you go, two blogs rather than one.  For anyone that is interested in following my homemade addictions, check out my new blog.

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