Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Homeschool

Five points for whoever knows what Myla built.  Answer at the bottom!
(I wish I would have got a better picture of Sariah)
 Each morning we start the day with scriptures but normally I am reading from them to the girls.  This morning Myla asked if she could do her daily reading from the Book of Mormon Reader. I explained to her that she could but that I would probably need to help her with the big words.  Boy was I wrong!  She read the whole chapter as if she had read it a million times.  It was awesome that the words I thought would be hard for her to read, she has heard them so much that she already knew them.  She is growing up so fast and surprises me each day!
I just found a really cool Pre-school blog that has FREE printable kits that Sariah just LOVES!!
Here she is sitting down working on a puzzle that she had to put into numerical order and create a cool Halloween picture.  They just posted a Thankgiving kit if anyone is interested in checking it out!

 I was a little worried about finding the best way to teach Sariah before but she
is a smart little girl that so badly wants to learn and keep up with Myla!
Answer- Myla was playing around and asked me to come over and see what she built.  Before that day, Myla had not learned about balance scales but she explained to me how her scale worked and how adding water to one side effected the other side.  So cute!  I can't say enough how much I LOVE homeschool!
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