Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween at Daddy's Work

Dressed up and ready to go, the girls and I headed over to Kirk’s work for lots and lots of Trick or Treating. The Riverton Church Office building opens the whole 4-story building to families of all the employees for Halloween. The kids go from floor to floor Trick or Treating each person’s desk/office, they also get to enjoy a haunted house and Wizard of Oz on the 4th floor.

 The Wizard of Oz was so cute!  each scene had the move playing
in the exact spot as the scene was decorated.

 This is how Capri says please.  I love how she shapes her lips.  That whole
bucket is full of candy that Kirk was passing out!
 Sassy pants Myla
 Did I mention Capri LOVED the bucket???
The bunny tail was so cute!!

The kids had so much fun and I think Kirk really enjoyed having his family with him at work.

1 comment:

cambridgeclan said...

Sariah looks like you with all that makeup on. What a fun thing for the kids. (And parents)

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