Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween at Daddy's Work

Dressed up and ready to go, the girls and I headed over to Kirk’s work for lots and lots of Trick or Treating. The Riverton Church Office building opens the whole 4-story building to families of all the employees for Halloween. The kids go from floor to floor Trick or Treating each person’s desk/office, they also get to enjoy a haunted house and Wizard of Oz on the 4th floor.

 The Wizard of Oz was so cute!  each scene had the move playing
in the exact spot as the scene was decorated.

 This is how Capri says please.  I love how she shapes her lips.  That whole
bucket is full of candy that Kirk was passing out!
 Sassy pants Myla
 Did I mention Capri LOVED the bucket???
The bunny tail was so cute!!

The kids had so much fun and I think Kirk really enjoyed having his family with him at work.

How we ended up here

Most stories have a beginning, middle and an end, but not this story. For those of you who have wondered how we ended up in Utah here you go.

Last year, as Kirk was finishing his Master’s, we knew it would lead us on a new path in life. We thought that this path would only entail a new job, but little did we know what was in store!

Kirk began his job search in November of 2010 with no luck at all. Due to the economic downturn and financial reform, it has become common for job seekers to search for a position for many months and sometimes years, in the financial industry. In California, jobs were more scarce, and where there used to be many opportunities, they seemed to have dried up.

At the beginning of March 2011, we started talking about leaving the state, possibly Arizona or Utah to search for a job. Because that would mean leaving behind Paige and Dillon, the conversation quickly ended. The only problem was, the thought of moving to Utah would not leave me alone.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Homeschool

Five points for whoever knows what Myla built.  Answer at the bottom!
(I wish I would have got a better picture of Sariah)
 Each morning we start the day with scriptures but normally I am reading from them to the girls.  This morning Myla asked if she could do her daily reading from the Book of Mormon Reader. I explained to her that she could but that I would probably need to help her with the big words.  Boy was I wrong!  She read the whole chapter as if she had read it a million times.  It was awesome that the words I thought would be hard for her to read, she has heard them so much that she already knew them.  She is growing up so fast and surprises me each day!
I just found a really cool Pre-school blog that has FREE printable kits that Sariah just LOVES!!
Here she is sitting down working on a puzzle that she had to put into numerical order and create a cool Halloween picture.  They just posted a Thankgiving kit if anyone is interested in checking it out!

 I was a little worried about finding the best way to teach Sariah before but she
is a smart little girl that so badly wants to learn and keep up with Myla!
Answer- Myla was playing around and asked me to come over and see what she built.  Before that day, Myla had not learned about balance scales but she explained to me how her scale worked and how adding water to one side effected the other side.  So cute!  I can't say enough how much I LOVE homeschool!

Family Home Evening Activity

Can I just say Myla ROCKS at golf!  This was her first time playing and she gave Kirk a run for his money.  She came in only ONE point behind Kirk and he is really good. Sariah, you take after your mom I'm sorry to say!

 Capri trying to learn as daddy was teaching Sariah.

 Golf is NOT my game but we still had a lot of fun!


Can I just say how much I LOVE Utah!!!  It is amazing all the activities that Utah has to offer to families and most are FREE or really cheap.  Today my friend that just moved her from Cali and I went to Witchfest with the kids.  Witchfest was located at one of the best outdoor malls I have ever seen!  Why you ask??  Because they have some RAD fabric stores with some amazing patterns.  Kirk is going to regret the day I found that store!!

Anyway, this day was not suppose to be about me....   We took the kids to enjoy a scavenger hunt, to hunt for witches. Ha ha ha.  They decorated the grounds of the mall with life size witches, each doing a fun activity.  We had so much fun and will add this to our family traditions list!


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