Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our trip to Payson

This past weekend we took a drive to Payson, Utah to pick some raspberries.  This place is beautiful and it is full of large farms, fruit trees and lots of farm animals. I can't believe I did not take pictures of the area but at least I got some of berry picking.  After we weighed in and paid for them we ate them by handfulls.  Yum! 

We enjoyed this huge family owned berry patch. You could pick berries until your hearts content and the bushes would still be full.  Plus, the raspberries were only $2.50 per pound!!

Capri is a berry picking pro.  She was used to picking raspberries in our backyard in California so she knew just what to do.  Pick them and shove them in your mouth as fast as you can. 

1 comment:

cambridgeclan said...

That looks much more promising than the patch we went to a few years ago. I was just discussing your berry bushes with Kate and Mandi today:)

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