Sunday, September 25, 2011

Success in Life

Success in Life.... Does anyone else feel the same way as I do?  That the only way you feel successful is if you do EVERYTHING?

Here is my SHORT list.

House clean (not just straightened but really clean)
Sheets clean and beds made
Every cabinet/closet clean and organized
Homeschool done
Dishes done and dishwasher empty
Laundry clean, folded and put away
Yard mowed, weeded, and looking nice
Kids clean, dressed nice, hair done
Mom showered, make-up done, hair done
Play with kids
Read lots of books to kids
All three meals made fresh and healthy
Dad and kids happy

So this is my short list. I won't even start of religious goals, mom goals,crafts, or journal goals.

Does anyone else feel that if everything is not done and perfect each day they are not succeeding for that day?

Let me just say it is hard to live up to my own standards and most days I fail.

I would love if you would share your best ideas on house cleaning or organizing.  I think it would be great to put the best ideas from all my friends into action.  I bet together would make a great stay at home mom/wife.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite part of my day

Homeschool is going really well and Myla is loving it!    Since we started using Explode the Code in January she has flown through the books and really enjoys doing them. Myla is learning about writing and simple sentence structures.

I wrote some simple sentences down for Myla.  I asked her to rewrite
the sentences and add words to make them more interesting. 

These were all her ideas.  I love how 5 year olds think like, "I stand in the fancy line."  Such a girl! 
Myla gets excited to read age appropriate chapter books to her sisters.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach my daughter and get to celebrate her little accomplishments together.

Our trip to Payson

This past weekend we took a drive to Payson, Utah to pick some raspberries.  This place is beautiful and it is full of large farms, fruit trees and lots of farm animals. I can't believe I did not take pictures of the area but at least I got some of berry picking.  After we weighed in and paid for them we ate them by handfulls.  Yum! 

We enjoyed this huge family owned berry patch. You could pick berries until your hearts content and the bushes would still be full.  Plus, the raspberries were only $2.50 per pound!!

Capri is a berry picking pro.  She was used to picking raspberries in our backyard in California so she knew just what to do.  Pick them and shove them in your mouth as fast as you can. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Family Planning

WOW!  This lady is crazy organized.  Great ideas and lots of stuff to think about.

Check it out!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our new house

After searching and searching.... we found our new house!  We looked in many different area's and decided on Saratoga Springs.  Saratoga Springs is surrounded by mountains, Utah Lake and a huge golf course. It almost feels like a mini Lake Tahoe with all the lake views.

Our house is currently being built and should be completed the first week in October.  It is just over 3200 sq feet and is probably one of the smallest houses in our neighborhood.  The thing that we love the most about our house is the 180 degree views of Utah Lake and the 360 degree views of the mountains.  There are even views from the walkout basement.

But the VERY BEST part, I will finally have my own sewing/craft room.  I can not wait!!!

We checked out our new ward and I think we will really like it.  There are three nurseries, three CTR 5 classes (Myla's class)  and a huge primary. 

It is amazing how at home we feel already.  We really really like Utah so far!

Here is the house as of Friday.

views from Kitchen, Living room, and Master bedroom/

Back of house.  There will be a large deck coming off the right side sliding doors.

This is a different house made by the same builder just a smaller version. 
Our kitchen will look the same just a little bigger

The bathroom in this picture has the same finishings as our house except ours will be a few feet bigger.  On the right there will be a separate shower surrounded by glass and the vanity will have 2 sinks.

We can't wait to finally be settled in our new community, ward and home. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Pictures

Our favorite pass time in temporary housing.... Swimming!!

The mountains and sky are AMAZING here. 
The sky changes all day long and it is so beautiful!

These are just pictures off our back deck.

A little homemade..... Baby shower Invites and gifts

Here are some projects I have been working on this month.

Baby Shower Invites
Capri got to them before I could take a picture. Bummer

Sensory Tag blanket with pocket, wipe case and matching bunny

Homemade diaper rash cream, sunblock, and chapstick.  Headband with flower and last binky strap.

Homeschool field trip

Right before we left California we were given the chance to take a field trip to Six Flags Animal Kingdom.  It was already a crazy week getting ready to move and put on a baby shower but I did not want my kids to miss out on see the amazing animals.  I remember going when I was little and falling in love with the whales and dolphins.  I thought it would be fun for the girls to see some of the animals they would be learning about in school this year.

Three adults and thirteen kids made me a little nervous but it was so much fun and we did not loose any kids!

We had just finished a lesson about Symbols of America.
 I was so excited for the girls to see a American Bald Eagle!


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