Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Signatures on our lives

Before leaving to Utah a little over a week ago, I was talking to my realtor who just so happens to be LDS.  She was telling me about this book she just read and how much it has touched her life.  It is called 

Divine Signatures: The Confirming Hand of God
By Gerald N. Lund

 "Sometimes blessings come in such an unusual manner and with such precise timing that they accomplish something in addition to blessing us. They so clearly confirm the reality of God's existence that they buoy us up in times of trials."

This book talks about things that we normally consider coincidence but really in most cases it is the Lord blessing us. This has been on my mind for months.  I see the Lord so clearly in my life, that I cannot understand those that deny that He lives.

The drive to Utah was for the most part uneventful and really peaceful.  My mom being the SAINT that she is, drove down with us, just to drop her off at the airport as soon as we got to Salt Lake.

We were just about an hour or so outside of Salt Lake. When all the sudden Sariah had to go the bathroom right that second!  No warning! Of course we were in the middle of nowhere.  So we had to pull over on the side of the road. 
We get everything taken care of and get back on the road.  Not one minute later Myla has to go to the bathroom right that second.  Once again no warning, a complete bathroom emergency.  So yet again we have to pull over on the side of the Highway.  Finally we get back on the road.  We drive less that five minutes and we see a accident that just happened.  It involved three diesels and a truck pulling a trailer.  It appeared that the truck pulling a trailer had blown a trailer tire causes his quad (4 wheeler) to fly off into the road.  As soon as we drove passed the accident my mom said that all the bathroom breaks must have happened to keep us from that accident.  I could not agree more.  We saw the Lord's signature that day.

I can't wait to buy this book.  It sounds amazing!!! 

I feel so blessed to have the Lord in my life.  I see His signature everyday and am so grateful for the blessing of knowing He lives and loves me!

"The Lords hand is in our lives, We can grasp it and be lifted thereby." Gerald Lund

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cambridgeclan said...

It's great to hear from you. Thanks for posting the video.

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