Monday, July 11, 2011


Life has been so crazy the past few weeks.   First it started with a surprise party for my best friend that was not easy.  For some reason I struggle keeping secrets for Nikki and so keeping a party for her a secret was sooooo hard.  But worth it.  Then the next day we left for a last minute trip to Utah (more to follow on that soon).  We were in Utah for a week, home for three days and then in Tahoe for a week.  Let me just say how happy I am to be "home" for the next few weeks.

Now back to the original post, our trip to Tahoe.  We left for Tahoe on July 4th.  My mom rented a pontoon boat for our whole family to party on and watch Tahoe's unbelievable fireworks.  Seriously, my mom kept telling me that they were amazing but they were by far the best I have EVER seen.  If you ever get a chance to enjoy Tahoe on the 4th you will not be disappointed.

Getting settled on the boat

 This is my sister smiling at Sariah.  She is such a cute aunt.

The fireworks were so amazing, but it was even better watching them from the water. 
 Myla's face was classic. She LOVED it

 My sisters 95lb puppy is crazy spoiled but so cute

 Capri loves the bake trailers as long as we don't go over any bumps. Silly girl

Vacation + SODA = this smile
 Imagine being at the beach next to these guys..... Makes getting in a bathing suit pretty tough.
The END!

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In a nut shell... said...

I went to Tahoe on the 4th once as a teen. We should do it again because they do put on a spectacular show!

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