Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sprouted, Sprout Whole Wheat Bread

Making sprouted whole wheat bread has always been on my to do list but lets be honest my list is quite large and growing everyday.  I just can not shut off my brain.  Anyone else like that???

So I finally thought I would try my hand at sprouting my own wheat for some yummy bread. If you have ever had an interest or wondered how they made it here you go.

What sprouting??  Sprouting increases the protein, essential amino acids, enzymatic activity, vitamins, and fiber content of the seeds. In fact, if you consult the Wikipedia article on “Sprouting” you’ll read that sprouting can increase the protein content of a seed by up to 50% and the vitamin content to 20 or 30 times its original value.  Not to mention it also adds increased digestibility.

OK Now back to the tutorial....

First you take wheat berries.  Most stores sell them in the bulk section but I just happen to get them from my church cannery for crazy cheap.  You will want to fill a large bowl half way full of wheat berries and then rinse and fill the bowl to the top with water.  Let sit over night or at least 8 hours.

Then there are many ways to sprout your wheat, I happen to have a sprouting tray but a jar will work just fine.  I follow the rule of sprouting in the the dark but some say it does not matter. I would recommend that if you use a jar just cover it with a towel.  Here is a store my friends parents own. They have good prices and a nice selection.  Once you have decided what you want to use, drain your sprouts and then set aside. Wheat sprouts pretty fast, about a day or so.  You will want to rinse your sprouts two to three times each day.  The rule is you sprout to either the length of the seed or half the length.
Sprouted and then dehydrated
Once sprouted they need to be dehydrated for 12-24 hours at 120 degrees.  If you have a oven that will cook at a low enough temp I heard you can cook it in the oven. 

Ground sprouted wheat flour
  Make sure your sprouts are completely dry and then you can grind in your wheat grinder or I just used my Vita Mix since it was out and close.  Now you have sprouted wheat flour. 

Really easy.

Quinoa Sprouts

Lentil sprouts

Now that you have flour you can make your favorite whole wheat bread or you can even go one step further and add sprouts. You can add 2 cups of your favorite sprouts (even mix and match) to your bread recipe.  At first I thought it would add more a nutty texture to the bread but your really can not even taste them.


Amy Beatty said...

I had a sprouted lentil salad before - it was to die for.

Lisa said...

I've always wanted to sprout wheat. I love Trader Joe's sprouted wheat bagels, and if I'd be able to re-create something like that from home, I'd be on cloud 9!

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