Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Inspiration comes in many forms.  In my life I have noticed two main ways I receive inspiration.  The first would be the way I almost always feel inspiration.  It normally is a small prompting almost a whisper on things I should do in my day/life.  It is so faint that it is sometimes easy for me to miss these tiny promptings if I am not careful.

The second has only happened four times that I can think of and the prompting has been so strong it has been impossible for me to ignore.

The first prompting was when I felt inspired to have Capri.  Kirk was just getting ready to start his Masters program and we have a lot going on in life.  We both could think of a million reasons why we should wait but I felt really strong that we should not wait.  The prompting was so strong that I could not shake it.  It took over all my thoughts.  Once we decided to have another baby I INSTANTLY felt at piece.  I could believe how much I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  It took a few months to get pregnant and I did not even think about it or worry about the time it took.  I knew it was going to happen.

Second prompting was about a close friend and her family.  One night I was out talking with a few friends and I got an overwhelming feeling that something bad was going to or was happening.  I asked them if they had a bad feeling and they said no, they felt fine.  I drove home and prayed the whole time that everything was ok with my family, thinking that was where the feeling was coming from.  I just kept getting this feeling to protect my family.  When I got home everyone was asleep.  The house was peaceful.  I struggled sleeping that night trying to understand what that feeling was about.  I kept getting a sick feeling and could not place it.  On the following Sunday I told Kirk what I was feeling and the second I said it out loud I knew who it was for.  Not me but my friend.  I went straight home and called my friend and told her what I was feeling.  As I spoke with her I literally had goose bumps!  I felt at peace and the bad feeling went away. 

Third was about homeschooling Myla.  If you feel so inclined you can read about it here.  Same thing as before it took over my thoughts until we decided to homeschool her.  As soon as we decided I felt at peace and no longer worried about it.

I find it so amazing that not all inspiration makes sense or is what we have planned for our life.  The things is that it all works out in the Lord's plan and timing. 

We are feeling really strongly about some changes in our life and now is just the waiting game to see it all fall into place (after we have done everything we can).

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