Thursday, April 21, 2011

Food, food and more food

 OK definitely not local or Eco friendly (because how far it has to travel to get to us) but fresh coconut is so yummy.  The girls and I cracked this baby open (not easy), drank the milk and then enjoyed the meat.  I really love fresh food.  It is amazing how much better food taste fresh, not processed, not packaged, and not messed with.

I can't believe we have never tried these before.  Fresh garbanzo beans in the produce isle.
My kids just love veggies for snacks but Sariah ate a whole bowl of these before bed.  Big hit!

I know I am obsessed with food but one of my favorite shows has just started its second season.
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution ( I did a post about this show before here).  I love Jamie's passion for REAL food to be served in our schools.  He cares about people and teaching them about how food affects us and our children. I promise it is worth your time to watch.  Great FHE!!

You can check out all the episodes on here.


Nikki said...

I had no idea that's what fresh garbanzo beans looked like. Hmmm, must try them now! Can't wait to explore more of this raw foods movement. I better not tell Adam though ;)

Lisa said...

I LOVE raw coconut! I am totally hooked on your book, by the way. It is giving me so many new ideas about the way we eat.

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