Sunday, April 3, 2011

20 minute Shirt to Skirt tutorial

When one of my favorite shirts went through the dryer and the collar was ruined. I wanted to find a way to still use it. So I turned it into a skirt for Myla and matching flower for her hair.

Here is my 20 minute skirt and hair bow tutorial.

  (Myla picked out the shirt.  I will need to get one that will match better but you get the idea right.)
 First I measured the shirt against Myla to see how long I wanted it and then cut it.

Then I turned it inside out and folded the top down about one inch. I sewed all the way around at the bottom of the fold allowing enough room for the elastic to be slipped through. Don't forget to leave a small area open to slip the elastic through.

 I could only find small elastic (errr) but it will work just fine. First you will want to figure out what size elastic you will need. I measured mine against Myla's waist. I like to put a safety pin on the end of the elastic so it slides through really easy. Now thread the tip of the safety pin and elastic through the opening on the waist band.

Once you have pulled the elastic through the skirt you will need to sew both ends of the elastic together. Then close your opening shut.

 I put the skirt on Myla to check for fit. I decided to sew in the side a little. I took the skirt off her, turned it inside out and sewed on each side of the skirt as needed.
Perfect. In all the skirt only took about 20 minutes to take something I normally would have gotten rid of and now turned it into something Myla loves!
 So I know you are wondering what I'm going to do with the top part of the shirt. Of course Myla will need a matching flower for her hair.
 So I cut a two inch strip of the top section of the shirt. Lengthened the stitch on my sewing machine to the longest I can. I sewed from one side of the strip to the other making sure I did not knot it at the beginning or ending of the the stitch. You should have two threads on each side. Take one of those strings and carefully pull the string. It should bunch up the fabric by pulling the string. Keep pushing the bunched fabric down to the bottom of the strip. Making sure it is evenly bunched. Then tie the ends of the lose string.

 Then I took one end of the ruffled strip and turned the rest into a circle. I would put small hot glue dots in the center as I turned the fabric. At the end you should have something that looks like a flower.

 I then covered a clip with ribbon and glued the flower onto it.
That's my Sassy girl. 


cambridgeclan said...

Totally cute!

Katie said...

Very cute! You are so thrifty. =)

Nikki said...

That is so darn cute! I wish I could sew :( You lost me at 'measure'. LOL! Way to go green on this one :)

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