Saturday, March 5, 2011


Blogging is so past due I know. Life is just so crazy and sitting down at a computer has become next to impossible. Oh how I miss blogging. Ok so here are some updates in no order.

We started a small house remodel that keeps getting bigger and bigger. After our kids dumped a whole liter of Mexican Vanilla on the carpet (does not come out), and then some how our light tan carpet was covered with deep red polka dots (does not come out) we thought it was time to move away from carpet. Move to something our kids could not destroy in 5 minutes. We decided to put in new wood floors. Since we were doing the wood floors why not remove the giant wall between the front room/living room/dinning room and the living room/kitchen. We went from just bouncing the idea back and forth to the whole wall being removed within one hour. So now we have one great room with new wood floors and of course since we were replacing the floors in the living spaces why not pull up the tile in the hall bath and put in travertine, new vanity, sinks, etc. You get my drift, right? We are not completely finished and there is still some talk about pulling out the wood decks and laying cement out back. We will see.... Pictures to follow soon!

Sariah turned 3!! I really thing 3 will be a good age for Sariah. I have seen her blossom into this sweet, fun, loving, entertaining little lady. It has been so fun to watch her growing up. She really has her own style. We just love her!! She will be having a birthday party when we get back in town so pictures will follow soon on that one also.

Capri is soooo close to walking. She pushes her little chair all over the house and has even taken a few steps. Capri has no problem standing forever without anything to hold on to. I can't wait to see her take off. I love when babies learn to walk. She is now 10 months old and is really starting to come to life. She loves to screech as loud as she can (I have never heard a baby hit that high of notes before) just to make Myla laugh. Sariah keeps telling me her ears are ringing but they think it is so fun!

Kirk's graduation ceremony was today for his Masters. What a huge accomplishment and another check mark next to a life long goal for him.

Kirk graduated just in time for me to start school in two weeks. I am really excited!

Bad News- This is such a bummer but we received a notice saying that our chickens need a new home. I have never been a rule follower and this time was no exception. I know the rules for our area was that we needed to live on an acre or more to have livestock. It has been a great two years and I am very happy to that my sweet chickens will be going to my friends house who have land. I will be helping with the feed and in return I will still get eggs!!! I am sad to see them go but to be honest one less thing on my plate might be a nice change.

Last thing I have some big plans for my homemade addiction problem. Stay tuned.....


Lisa said...

Tiffany, your house looks amazing and I can't stop thinking about it!

Amy Beatty said...

I totally need pictures of your remodel!! Sorry about your chicks, but it sounds like you have a nice arrangement :) Tell me how - girl scouts goes. I have been trying for months to get Bella in and then they just informed me that the she can join a group is if I start my own. Not sure if I'm up for it?!

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