Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Boom

So I bet you thought this post might be an announcement.  Not by me but apparently EVERYONE else!!

So I have a very interesting ward (My church has group of people divided into wards depending on the location of where they live).  As long as I have lived in my ward there has always been groups of people pregnant at a time (anywhere from 6-10 +).  I do not live in Utah and my ward is not huge. It is really fun to be pregnant during the baby boom as it is happening. 

Now is no exception, it seems that just about every week I hear about someone else that is pregnant in my ward, tonight included.  This time around I can count at least eight and I feel like I am forgetting at least one or two pregnant women.

I am not ready for another baby yet since I STILL have a baby and I am loving where are family is now but a little part of me is a little bummed to miss this train.  I have been pregnant with some many of these women in the past and it is such a fun experience to share with each other.  The only time I complain is when I am pregnant with "those" women that do not gain any weight, no puffy face, and walk out of the hospital wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes.  Other than that it is soooo fun.

My "crafty" friend is due in just two short weeks and I can't wait to meet her new little boy.  I have another friend that has tried for many years (7?) and is now pregnant with a little girl.  How sweet is that.  Another one that was the only reason why my kids and I made it through the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy with Capri.  I feel completely lame, she was crazy sick with the flu a couple of weeks back and really needed some help but because she was sick with the flu I could not come over (Myla).

Anyway, what a huge blessing for their families and I can not wait to snuggle some cute new babies soon!

Lastly, my thoughts and prayers are also going to a wonderful friend of mine that would love a baby of her own.  Every time I hear of someone else getting pregnant I think of her and can not wait for the day I get that call from her.  Love you guys and I know it will be soon!
I thought this picture was so perfect.  All the babies up in heaven just waiting to come down.


Nikki said...

This will be the first time I'm pregnant with anyone else in a ward and this is my 7th ward! Crazy! So I've counted 9, maybe 10 that are all due from August to November!!! Maybe we should start coming up with a ward "baby shower" fund! Haha.

Lisa said...

Hmmm... I only know of 6. Dish!

We certainly do our part to "multiply and replenish," don't we?

I myself am looking forward to being on the other side. =)

Ali said...

I want to join the club! I'll keep drinking the water and see if I can come up with anything...

We really do have some crazy baby booms in our ward!

howellblog said...

Yes, do tell...otherwise when I come in June I'll see lots of babies I didn't even know their moms were pregnant! I miss out on all the fun and juicy details now...Miss you all!

Nikki said...

Oops, sorry, not 9. I've counted 5, maybe 6 in that time frame. Everyone will tell when they are ready, I just have a secret pregnancy radar that I keep to myself ;)

kimberly said...

Woo-hoo! I loves babies and can't wait to jump onto the bandwagon! It only seems appropriate that I have at least one child while in the BLW!

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