Thursday, January 27, 2011

So cute!

Last night while I was out, Kirk was working on his homework and Myla decided she was going to do her "homework". When I got home I saw her working on it but I did not get a chance to look it over until after she was in bed.

Normally I work with her but she did this one all by herself and did not have anyone to read it to her.

The idea is you look at the words on top, then the picture and decide what word matches the pictures and then write the word. I love how Myla wrote grl (girl) instead of Pam and duress (dress) instead of tag. Its so fun to see my little girl learning to write and spell words. I have really enjoyed teaching her at home.

On a side note I have spent a lot of time researching homeschool, the pros and cons. With Myla's health problems and the effect that small colds have on her I have really considered it. Myla does not start Kindergarten until August and she is doing 1st grade curriculum on almost all subjects. There is something amazing about watching your child learn something for the first time and get so excited. I did not realize how rewarding it is!

I will do a post soon on some cool things I learned about homeschool. Homeschool is not for everyone but I think it will be a great blessing for our family.


Lisa said...

Tiffany that is so cute! I love the "duress," I can just hear her saying that. You're right, I think homeschooling would be a blessing for your family. I know it has been in ours, and when you find a good thing it's hard not to share it!

cambridgeclan said...

Myla is doing so well at home, why stop. I love how she sounded out the words. In my short experience girls sure seem to like to sit down and do a worksheet or write letters a whole lot more than most of the boys. That's the way it is in my house.

Nikki said...

That is so cute! I know I've told you this often but she is WAY ahead academically. I'll show you some samples from K and 1st. Her writing & spelling are classic emergent literacy, which is most typically found in 1st grade about half way through the year. Keep up the great work Myla and mommy!

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