Saturday, January 8, 2011

Myla's Birthday Party

For Myla's fifth birthday we decided to do a party with some of her friends. According to some parents its not cool to have boys over at a girl party so I think this is the last year. Its so sad that kids have to grow up!

Myla's wanted a Fancy Nancy party so we did that but focused on just being fancy. Boys like to be fancy right. Ok apparently I do not know boys but I think they had fun!

With Christmas I did not start planning the party until really two days before but I think it turned out pretty cute considering the lack of planning.

So everyone was asked to dress up fancy and let me tell you I think that was the cutest part. We did blue and pink sandwiches cut out in castle shape, fancy cupcakes and cookies thanks to my mom, and lots of games and fun!! (No pictures of the other kids dressed up just in case some parents did not want them on a public blog)

I made Myla a Fancy Nancy dress with matching Fancy Nancy slippers

I made some crowns and tiaras for all the kids to take come.

Castle sandwiches with fancy toothpicks because everything taste better with fancy toothpicks!

My mom is a amazing!! I just love how these turned out.


In a nut shell... said...

Everything turned out so cute! I can't wait to have girls so I can throw parties like that..

Tamara said...

You did such a great job Tiffany! Loved the pictures.

Lisa said...

Noah had a blast. He still wears his crown!

Nikki said...

That was seriously the cutest party ever! Eli LOVED the party and still wears his crown! It's soooo cute! I don't think this should be the last girl party you invite boys too! This was an opportunity to teach my son about treating girls with kindness and doing something they like to do! If he's going to be a gentleman he's going to have to learn by actually being one to a lady and since I already have his and Myla's temple date set he might as well get used to her in lots of pink with frillies!

Nikki said...

P.S. Can I get some pictures from the partay!
Oh, and I hope that he was well behaved...aside from the inside out pants.

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