Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Favorites!

A couple new favorites that I wanted to share.

First of all clothing is really hard for me. It is a miracle if I find something that fits, looks ok and is modest. Really its almost impossible for the first two let alone but the third takes a lot of shopping.

1.) I found these things called Cami Secret at Bed Bath and Beyond around Christmas time and they are great. I had this exact idea a few years back and should have acted on it. I hate when that happens. Anyway you attach them to either side of your bra strap. They have this little piece of fabric that covers where your shirt lacks. They don't work for every shirt but for the shirts they do it is nice not to have one extra layer. For the shirts they do not work on I still use these.

2.) My friend turned my on to Lancome foundation a few months back and so far I love it. It covers really well without feeling like I am wearing anything at all. Also I have crazy sensitive skin and so far I have been fine.

3.) I also invested in the Lancome foundation brush and when I say invested I mean $35 for a foundation brush! I really think it was money well spent. My foundation goes on so smooth. Also not make up in my nails. LOVE IT!

4.) I have crazy thick hair. No really I mean it. It may not look like it from a distance but because it is so thick and thick I really struggle finding ways to keep it in place. I found Sally's Beauty Supply I found the BEST bobby pins ever. They are called Supreme Bobby Pins by Marianna. $5.00 for a half pound, they should last the rest of my life! The great thing is when I put them in my hair does not move!


Lisa said...

I have been using Lancome for years and love it. It truly can't be beat. I use their dual finish foundation, which is actually like a powder in a compact, but it covers like a foundation. You can buy a compact for about $30 at the outlets.

Amy said...

Lancome foundation is the only makeup I splurge on but it lasts forever and gives your skin a nice even cover without looking like you have anything on at all. I love it! I have been using the sample mascara they throw in and love that too. I might have to get that next.

Ruth M said...

i know your hair really is that thick. I've curled it :)

And we do need to get together. I'm sorry I never got that planned with you.

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