Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good bye my friend

New year with new goals. A few years past I made a goal to do as much homemade as I could. That started with food, cleaning products, toys, clothes..... really you name it I tired it.

Changing from some processed foods to almost none was huge for me. We ever did that much processed food in our house. But the way I really started to understand food, the effects food has on every aspect of our lives, good or bad. The more I learned about what I was eating the better I felt. First my body had more energy. My body worked more efficient on less food. I slept better and most important my mood was better. I started paying attention to how different foods made me feel.

When I was pregnant with Sariah I had a few bad experience with meat and could not eat it the rest of the pregnancy. I assumed that once I was not pregnant any more I would be able to go back to meat. No such luck. Sariah is just about three years old and I still do not like it at all. I do eat it VERY sparingly but I did notice I feel better without it.

Also the less I ate refined sugars the less I craved them. In return the more I ate them the more I craved them.

The better I ate and put good locally grown, no processed, homemade food in my body the better I felt about myself. When I would put "bad" foods in my body the lower my self image would be.

OK so why I am I going on and on about food? Great question. Even though I ate really healthy I was still not in what I would consider a healthy weight rang. So as with a new year comes new goals.

My Goal
I still need to be very healthy in my food choices while watching my portion sizes but most of all I needed to move more. As a mom it is so hard to take time out for ourselves. But we HAVE to do it to be a good mommy and wife! So this year I have decided I want to start running.

Now keep in mind I have NEVER been a runner. I hated running in P.E. and have never ran since but I wanted to be a runner. So I thought if I accomplish nothing else this year I want to run.

Let me just say I went into this very worried but so far it has been great. I love the feeling of being outside in the fresh air and doing something so good for my body.

The best part is in just under two weeks I have lost 6 lbs. I still have like another 40 to go but that is a better start than I had two weeks ago. My plan is to work out 5 days per week between running, workout videos and walking if I have to.

Good bye my 40 pound friend, it is time for a change!


cambridgeclan said...

You go Tiffany! I always feel better when I get out for a walk. You can do this!

Lisa said...

OK, let's run a half marathon this year together! I've done one, which if I can do one you can too! I want to do another one this year again and I need to motivation to get back into running!

Lisa said...

Tiffany, that is awesome. Just like eating healthy food made you feel better, running is going to do the same. You were dead-on in saying that what we put into our bodies affects our self-image, positively or negatively. Healthy eating, running, good sleep... all those things work together and get you moving in a positive direction. I would still love for you to do the 5K with me in October! It's a manageable goal that you can work towards.

(BTW, who's the other Lisa? That confused me for a second, like, "I didn't already comment on her blog, did I?)

Nikki said...

I knew you looked thinner! See, I wasn't just saying that!! My offer always stands to have the girls dropped off here while you run. I hate running so more power to you!! Have you tried Slim in 6 yet? Try the 45 minute won't be able to walk the next day but you'll feel very proud of yourself!

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