Friday, January 28, 2011

Cure All

Ok well almost a cure all!

I got Mastitis (breast Infection) probably around 15 plus times while nursing Sariah and each time I would call up my doctor and get put on antibiotics. I die now thinking how bad that was for my body but what choice did I have???

Oh yeah the cure all drug! My friend Naomi told me about garlic and cranberry a few years back and to be honest I was not sure if I believed they would work on an infection. Well the past few months our house has really proved it works.

Once again I am having mastitis over and over yet again. Myla had a few bladder infections (not uncommon in kidney disease patients) and Kirk just has a sinus infection.

It is completely amazing how fast the garlic and cranberry work. Kirk and I just take the pills for both and within hours we are feeling a ton better and by the next morning back to 100%.
For Myla I would give her the garlic gel capsules and she would chew them right up. For cranberry some of my friends would get the cranberry drops at health food store but that is really pricey. So I used my mortar and mashed them up and added them to some cranberry juice. Myla went from crying out in pain to within a few hours being as good as new.
It is such a blessing to be able to help my family without every having to leave the house. Now if only I could find a cure for Nephrotic Syndorme!

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