Friday, January 28, 2011


Lets be honest, I am not very good at the whole mommy routine.

Every time I am pregnant I promise myself this baby will be the one that will sleep well. This will be the one I will let "soothe" herself to sleep. Not "cry it out" but let them fuss a little from day one so they can figure it out. Well you guessed it I have failed every time.

There is something wrong with me that I can not let my babies cry. I don't know what it is but I just can not do it. Every time when they get to be around 7-9 months I succumb to peer pressure and let them cry it out. It worked fine with Myla not at ALL with Sariah and Capri.... little 14 pound Capri. Yeah let me just tell you about that.

It all started about two weeks ago. I gave in and said ok fine I will let her cry it out for short times and keep going back in comforting her but let her soothe herself.

This went on for about four nights and without much change. OK well there was a change but not the change I was looking for. She started having crazy separation anxiety. This lasted about TWO WEEKS. She would not let me put her down for one second! Anytime someone would come near her even her family she would start screaming and squeeze me even tighter.

That is fun and all but day after day. Not being able to clean, cook or really live without her in my arms got a little old. Oh and did I mention she would not nap more than 5 minutes twice a day.

Then it got worse. She got really sick. I think she had the same flu like thing I had, with body aches and fever. Four days of the low grade fever and then as soon as that passes she got a crazy rash and thrush (yeast infection of the mouth). Really anything else???

So the bottom line Capri will not be four years old needing me to nurse her to sleep. Myla and Sariah go to sleep great and sleep through the night just fine. I think they are well adjusted and independent. So for now I am just going to enjoy my almost healthy happy baby and know that this brief moment in time will pass and she will no longer be my baby. So today I will just enjoy it!


cambridgeclan said...

There is NOTHING wrong with you. I too am not the best at teaching my babies to sleep. They do great up to about 4 or 5 months (5-8 hour stretches)and then it is hit and miss. Mostly miss. Your right, it doesn't last forever. Only another year or so:)

Lisa said...


There is no doubt that they come here with their own personalities. However, as someone who has successfully trained 5 children to sleep through the night from infants on, I can tell you that sleep training, fussiness, clinginess, and separation anxiety do NOT go hand-in-hand. Just as we teach our children to use the toilet, hold a spoon, and choose healthy foods, we are doing them a justice by teaching them to sleep through the night. Infants do not come here knowing how to do these things on their own, and they rely on us to guide their habits and behaviors. I am sorry your efforts coincided with a string of unfortunate events! A good night's sleep is beneficial for the whole family, so I wouldn't give up. Again, I swear by the book Babywise and recommend it to as many moms as I can. Nonetheless, don't ever consider your efforts in vain, or feel that you have failed in anything, as you have 3 beautiful girls to show for the fruit of your labors. It's all in your perspective, and it sounds like you have the right one.

Nikki said...

Well if somethings wrong with you then I need intensive therapy (lol, I know you'll appreciate that one) because guess who still doesn't sleep throught the night at 2.3 months old. I tried no cry sleep solution and it didn't work. I read Babywise too late so we will try next time but quite frankly I think it will be the same all over again. I DO NOT listen to babies cry like that. It just feels wrong and in the end she will be a sleeper eventually! Remember, even when our children do sleep through the night we still find reasons to not get sleep. Adam always says, "I'll sleep when I die." so we know that's not quite true but being a parent means sleep will just not come. There's nothing wrong with what you're doing (in my opinion), it just means we'll have to keep functioning in that hazy fuzzy world we live in... Woohoo, bring on "Mom Brain!"

Wilkins Clan said...

I agree Nikki. I have tried No Cry and some ideas have worked. I also did Babywise (well she just came out that way) and she slept great until she was just about six months. For the most part she sleeps fine at night she just wants me to put her to sleep. I think every baby is different and moms know best what is wrong with them and what works for them.

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