Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our new house pictures

We are finally starting to feel settled and not in constraint transition, which has been our life since earlier this year. In my old house, I never felt like it was permanent, so decorating was never an interest of mine. Now let us just say I have big plans for our new space. It looks really plain right now so you
will have to use some imagination.

Our Kitchen

The sliding door next to the dinning table leads out to our patio.

Master Bath
Not much to look at.... yet!!

 Master Bedroom

This is my favorite place in the morning.  We keep the blinds up at
night so we can wake up with the sun.

Our Alarm Clock
Picture taken from my bed.

Living Room/ Great Room

The basement is coming along and we are hoping to have it finished by Christmas.

We had a few setbacks since Kirk came down with pneumonia but he is

feeling much better now so full steam ahead.

We are loving Utah, our neighborhood, and our new ward family.

We also had just a few of my cousins over for dinner,

tipping the scales at over 20 people. We have lots and lots of family out here.

Kirk is LOVING his job. Not only has the spirit touched Kirk

from working for the LDS church but it has touched our whole family.

We are looking forward to a WHITE Christmas.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My new homemade blog!

I have received some comments about all my homemade ramblings combined with my family blog... so here you go, two blogs rather than one.  For anyone that is interested in following my homemade addictions, check out my new blog.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween at Daddy's Work

Dressed up and ready to go, the girls and I headed over to Kirk’s work for lots and lots of Trick or Treating. The Riverton Church Office building opens the whole 4-story building to families of all the employees for Halloween. The kids go from floor to floor Trick or Treating each person’s desk/office, they also get to enjoy a haunted house and Wizard of Oz on the 4th floor.

 The Wizard of Oz was so cute!  each scene had the move playing
in the exact spot as the scene was decorated.

 This is how Capri says please.  I love how she shapes her lips.  That whole
bucket is full of candy that Kirk was passing out!
 Sassy pants Myla
 Did I mention Capri LOVED the bucket???
The bunny tail was so cute!!

The kids had so much fun and I think Kirk really enjoyed having his family with him at work.

How we ended up here

Most stories have a beginning, middle and an end, but not this story. For those of you who have wondered how we ended up in Utah here you go.

Last year, as Kirk was finishing his Master’s, we knew it would lead us on a new path in life. We thought that this path would only entail a new job, but little did we know what was in store!

Kirk began his job search in November of 2010 with no luck at all. Due to the economic downturn and financial reform, it has become common for job seekers to search for a position for many months and sometimes years, in the financial industry. In California, jobs were more scarce, and where there used to be many opportunities, they seemed to have dried up.

At the beginning of March 2011, we started talking about leaving the state, possibly Arizona or Utah to search for a job. Because that would mean leaving behind Paige and Dillon, the conversation quickly ended. The only problem was, the thought of moving to Utah would not leave me alone.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Homeschool

Five points for whoever knows what Myla built.  Answer at the bottom!
(I wish I would have got a better picture of Sariah)
 Each morning we start the day with scriptures but normally I am reading from them to the girls.  This morning Myla asked if she could do her daily reading from the Book of Mormon Reader. I explained to her that she could but that I would probably need to help her with the big words.  Boy was I wrong!  She read the whole chapter as if she had read it a million times.  It was awesome that the words I thought would be hard for her to read, she has heard them so much that she already knew them.  She is growing up so fast and surprises me each day!
I just found a really cool Pre-school blog that has FREE printable kits that Sariah just LOVES!!
Here she is sitting down working on a puzzle that she had to put into numerical order and create a cool Halloween picture.  They just posted a Thankgiving kit if anyone is interested in checking it out!

 I was a little worried about finding the best way to teach Sariah before but she
is a smart little girl that so badly wants to learn and keep up with Myla!
Answer- Myla was playing around and asked me to come over and see what she built.  Before that day, Myla had not learned about balance scales but she explained to me how her scale worked and how adding water to one side effected the other side.  So cute!  I can't say enough how much I LOVE homeschool!

Family Home Evening Activity

Can I just say Myla ROCKS at golf!  This was her first time playing and she gave Kirk a run for his money.  She came in only ONE point behind Kirk and he is really good. Sariah, you take after your mom I'm sorry to say!

 Capri trying to learn as daddy was teaching Sariah.

 Golf is NOT my game but we still had a lot of fun!


Can I just say how much I LOVE Utah!!!  It is amazing all the activities that Utah has to offer to families and most are FREE or really cheap.  Today my friend that just moved her from Cali and I went to Witchfest with the kids.  Witchfest was located at one of the best outdoor malls I have ever seen!  Why you ask??  Because they have some RAD fabric stores with some amazing patterns.  Kirk is going to regret the day I found that store!!

Anyway, this day was not suppose to be about me....   We took the kids to enjoy a scavenger hunt, to hunt for witches. Ha ha ha.  They decorated the grounds of the mall with life size witches, each doing a fun activity.  We had so much fun and will add this to our family traditions list!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Success in Life

Success in Life.... Does anyone else feel the same way as I do?  That the only way you feel successful is if you do EVERYTHING?

Here is my SHORT list.

House clean (not just straightened but really clean)
Sheets clean and beds made
Every cabinet/closet clean and organized
Homeschool done
Dishes done and dishwasher empty
Laundry clean, folded and put away
Yard mowed, weeded, and looking nice
Kids clean, dressed nice, hair done
Mom showered, make-up done, hair done
Play with kids
Read lots of books to kids
All three meals made fresh and healthy
Dad and kids happy

So this is my short list. I won't even start of religious goals, mom goals,crafts, or journal goals.

Does anyone else feel that if everything is not done and perfect each day they are not succeeding for that day?

Let me just say it is hard to live up to my own standards and most days I fail.

I would love if you would share your best ideas on house cleaning or organizing.  I think it would be great to put the best ideas from all my friends into action.  I bet together would make a great stay at home mom/wife.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite part of my day

Homeschool is going really well and Myla is loving it!    Since we started using Explode the Code in January she has flown through the books and really enjoys doing them. Myla is learning about writing and simple sentence structures.

I wrote some simple sentences down for Myla.  I asked her to rewrite
the sentences and add words to make them more interesting. 

These were all her ideas.  I love how 5 year olds think like, "I stand in the fancy line."  Such a girl! 
Myla gets excited to read age appropriate chapter books to her sisters.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach my daughter and get to celebrate her little accomplishments together.

Our trip to Payson

This past weekend we took a drive to Payson, Utah to pick some raspberries.  This place is beautiful and it is full of large farms, fruit trees and lots of farm animals. I can't believe I did not take pictures of the area but at least I got some of berry picking.  After we weighed in and paid for them we ate them by handfulls.  Yum! 

We enjoyed this huge family owned berry patch. You could pick berries until your hearts content and the bushes would still be full.  Plus, the raspberries were only $2.50 per pound!!

Capri is a berry picking pro.  She was used to picking raspberries in our backyard in California so she knew just what to do.  Pick them and shove them in your mouth as fast as you can. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Family Planning

WOW!  This lady is crazy organized.  Great ideas and lots of stuff to think about.

Check it out!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our new house

After searching and searching.... we found our new house!  We looked in many different area's and decided on Saratoga Springs.  Saratoga Springs is surrounded by mountains, Utah Lake and a huge golf course. It almost feels like a mini Lake Tahoe with all the lake views.

Our house is currently being built and should be completed the first week in October.  It is just over 3200 sq feet and is probably one of the smallest houses in our neighborhood.  The thing that we love the most about our house is the 180 degree views of Utah Lake and the 360 degree views of the mountains.  There are even views from the walkout basement.

But the VERY BEST part, I will finally have my own sewing/craft room.  I can not wait!!!

We checked out our new ward and I think we will really like it.  There are three nurseries, three CTR 5 classes (Myla's class)  and a huge primary. 

It is amazing how at home we feel already.  We really really like Utah so far!

Here is the house as of Friday.

views from Kitchen, Living room, and Master bedroom/

Back of house.  There will be a large deck coming off the right side sliding doors.

This is a different house made by the same builder just a smaller version. 
Our kitchen will look the same just a little bigger

The bathroom in this picture has the same finishings as our house except ours will be a few feet bigger.  On the right there will be a separate shower surrounded by glass and the vanity will have 2 sinks.

We can't wait to finally be settled in our new community, ward and home. 

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