Friday, December 3, 2010

Watch me grow!

Seven months old, Really??? Time is going by so fast!

Tipping the scales at 13 pounds, Capri is a little lady.

To say that Capri is a mama's girl is a big understatement. She will only let me hold her. She will give daddy about two minutes and then she is done. She does a great job of making me feel special.

At six months old if someone was holding her and I went to go "save" her she would clap for me. Now everything is worthy of clapping.

She is so close to crawling and pulls herself to standing. Normally I welcome the idea of my babies being movable but this time around I really just want to keep her a baby just a little longer.

Clapping in action.

1 comment:

Katie said...

She so cute.

13 pounds??!! Thats hilarious. She and Michael are on opposite sides of the growth chart...he weighed in at 21 pounds at his 6 month appointment a few weeks ago. hee hee.

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