Monday, December 13, 2010


Myla has relapsed again......

I saw this story tonight and my heart goes out to this sweet girl and her family.

The news story is about a little girl named Keyara Walls. She has Nephrotic Syndrome just like my Myla bear does. Keyara was diagnosed when she was only 1 and is now 6 years old. Her Nephrotic Syndrome does not seem in control like Myla's is for the moment but it scares me, really scares me to read this and think about how quickly Myla's life can change.

I have felt so blessed that Myla has had a break from high dose steroids for about a month. She has slimmed down some and her mood has been more even.....

But how as a mom do I not scream out and say no I do not want to give her the bad drugs any more. No I don't want to make her body hurt. No I do not want to cause anymore damage to her body or her eyes. No I do not want her to gain weight and then for her to feel embarrassed that she is wearing a leotard for her dance performance and people will see her "big belly" (Myla feels that way not me).

Then I think I want my daughter to live so I give her the bad drugs. Knowing that even if she one day grows out of this that there will still be last effects for everything we gave her to save her life.

I cry for my little girl, I cry for all the kids that have it so much worse than Myla.

Please take a few minutes to read Keyara's story. It really helps put life or trials in perspective.

(In Keyara's picture I know those cheeks all too well. Notice how large her face is but how little her ankles are. That is so Myla when she relapses)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Watch me grow!

Seven months old, Really??? Time is going by so fast!

Tipping the scales at 13 pounds, Capri is a little lady.

To say that Capri is a mama's girl is a big understatement. She will only let me hold her. She will give daddy about two minutes and then she is done. She does a great job of making me feel special.

At six months old if someone was holding her and I went to go "save" her she would clap for me. Now everything is worthy of clapping.

She is so close to crawling and pulls herself to standing. Normally I welcome the idea of my babies being movable but this time around I really just want to keep her a baby just a little longer.

Clapping in action.

Our trip to Utah

I LOVE every part of Utah. Yes you did read that right. I forget how much I enjoy it until I go back to visit and than as soon as I cross that Utah border it all comes right back.

Kirk's mom has a three story house that she rents out about two blocks from BYU. It so happened that it was vacant for a few months and she was kind enough to let us stay there for a week. We LOVED it.

It was a nice treat to go on vacation and have a whole house to ourselves. When we got snowed in I was so happy we were "stuck" a few more days.

Sariah just happened to be asleep every time we went out to play in the snow. I guess we wore her out!

Myla was pro at making snow angels.

This was where we were staying. What a beautiful winter wonderland!!

Christmas lights at the Salt Lake Temple. The pictures did not turn out that great since I only had one hand. It truly was beautiful there!

"Heeeey, it looks just like a Christmas tree."
Extra points if you can name that movie!

Our friends have a brother that owns Mo Bettah Steaks (Hawaiian food) in SLC. They told us to check it out since it is good. The were way wrong. It was AMAZING!! Even Capri was smiling!

Go Kirk!!

After 18 months, an unbelievable amount of homework, and a husband that disappeared, Kirk has graduated from grad school with his MBA!!

Kirk was in the executive MBA program, for working professionals and graduated with straight A's!

He will walk with his class in February so I will include some pictures then but I wanted to celebrate that he is DONE!!

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