Monday, November 15, 2010

Where I have been hiding

I have been hiding behind my sewing machine and glue gun for quite some time. I just finished my first craft fair and had a really good time doing it! Here is just some of the things left that I created.

Tag blankets and I spy bags (these are great go with child toys).

Fancy socks

Baby and toddler dresses

I LOVE these diaper/wipe clutches. This was the only left and I like the fabric but I really loved some of the other ones. I wish I would have taken pictures before.

Binky strap and sippy cup straps. Capri is not a big binky baby but loves to chew on it and the strap. Also I am so excited for the sippy cup straps. These are great for car seats (for our upcoming road trip), strollers or even high chairs. It will hopefully save me the pick up game or lost sippy cups.

Headbands. I also made some hair bows but most of them sold.

Fancy wipe cases

Burp cloths


Britty said...

Love those headbands with their frilly flowers. So cute!

Amy said...

Geez, you have been busy! Super cute...all of it! You make me feel bad for not making anything lately.:)I better get sewing.

Katie said...


I can see why you sold a lot!

Lisa said...

You are amazing! I will so be buying some of that stuff from you when I need it someday! It's SO cute! Nice job...I'm impressed!

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