Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Take two

Don't you just want to kiss this face??? (I love the hair)

For just over a month now Sariah has been having "episodes" (3) that look like seizures. Just to be safe we brought her into her doctor and from there they made an appointment for a EEG.

With the help of a great friend and my sister we went in today for her EEG. We had to sleep deprive Sariah so that she would sleep during the appointment. On a side note if you sleep deprive the child that also means you sleep deprive the mom (why am I still awake???) Since Kirk left early early this morning to Florida for business I was worried about how I was going to keep Sariah awake on the drive down. Nikki watched Myla for me and my sister drove all the way from Roseville to drive with me to Sacramento and also to take care of Capri during the appointment.

It went really well. I had to get Sariah to fall asleep so I gave her her drug of choice.... you guessed it raisins! I don't know what it is but raisins do it every time. She puts some in her mouth and starts sucking on them while she takes some in her hand and then rubs them on her lips, face, arms, eyes..... you name it. I know it sounds really weird and lets face it, it is ummm interesting but sooooo cute at the same time.

Once she was out they hooked her up to all kinds of wires then monitored her for about 25 minutes. After that they put on a strobe light for about 5-8 mins and then I had to wake her up and then they monitored her one last time. Then off we went. We should find out on Friday (which means next week sometime) the results. I really thing everything is ok but at least this will give us peace of mind!

Notice the box next to Sariah. See I was not kidding.

This picture was last month before I bit the bullet and potty trained Sariah. She was so ready and was potty trained in one day. For my kids so far 2 1/2 is the perfect age to potty train.

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