Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy days

When it rains it pours......

We were in a car accident July 4th and I have not had a good night sleep since then (whiplash).

Myla's new meds come with migraines and blood tests every other week.

Sariah is having episodes that look like seizures and she will be going to see the neurologist for a CT scan.

Kirk's in grad school, no need to say more.

OK I'm done whining.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

She is blessed!

Finally at four months old we got Capri blessed. We had been waiting to see if family was going to come into town and then we decided to just get her blessed. We had left a message for the Bishop and he never got back to us until we showed up at church and they had all the paperwork for her to be blessed that day. So Kirk ran home to get her dress and she was blessed.

It was really funny how Capri acted. She acted like it was her special day. She LOVED her dress and was so excited to have me put it on her. Then during Sacrament meeting when Kirk stood up to walk her to the front she had the biggest smile on her face. The men that stood in for the prayer said that she smiled the WHOLE time.

We just love you little Capri!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Green Friday

Since I have been camping for I think three or four time this summer I thought a post on green camping would be appropriate.

There is so much waste done in camping so I thought I would share just a few ideas that my family does.

1.) We bring dishes (metal or plastic) and a tub to wash them in. Most camping meals are so simple either cooking over a fire or in a dutch oven that there are just a few dishes to wash. So why waste money and the environment on paper cups, plates, plastic forks, etc.

2.) The old Boy Scout rule, "What you take in, you must hike out". Well if you are taking it out anyway why not have two bags one garbage, the other recycling.

3.) So I know I have issues with processed food. But there are some really yummy alternatives than your regular camping foods. Like homemade whole wheat graham crackers and homemade marshmallows. I have made these before but this last camping trip I knew there was going to be some s'more action so I thought I would bring my own. Well that was a great idea until Dillon ate all the crackers on the way there. They must have been good. Anything homemade does take a little more planning but the taste is sooo much better and there is far less waste.

4.) Soda, juice and bottled water. Besides the fact that soda is horrible for you and instead of drinking juice doctors say it is so much better to just eat a piece of fruit. Think of all the waste each can, juice box or water bottle creates. Even if you recycle there is still so much waste in the item being produced and then recycled that really never needed to happen. So here are a couple alternatives. Water is best for your body and a 5 gallon water containers work great. If you have to have your soda or juice box think of buying the big 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon containers. It is normally less waste than all the individual containers.

That is just a couple ideas but even the smallest ideas help. I would love to hear some ideas that you can come up with.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog slacking

So I have been such a blog slacker. I have just been way to busy having fun to blog so I thought I would catch up on the past few weeks.

First the girls and I went on a girl trip to Oregon coast with another friend. It was so much fun to have a girls trip and have now decided that will need to be a yearly trip (or more if I can get away with it).

I think the highlight of the trip was crabbing and the Tillamook cheese factory. One of the days we went crabbing there were three other groups out crabbing. We must of had beginners luck because we were the only ones to walk away with crab from dinner. Let me just say that crab was amazing!!

We were only home for four days before we went off camping with a few other families up in Nevada City.

We stayed at a beautiful 40 acre property that some people in my church own. Kirk and Dillon spent all their time shooting, fishing and riding quads. The four girls and I spent our time enjoying their man made pool and huge water slide. It was so peaceful and we can wait to go back soon!

We have also since received the results on Myla's biopsy. She still has Minimal Change Disease Nephrotic Syndrome. What that means is that she will continue to struggle with kidney problems but it has not changed into an Nephrotic Syndrome that could lead to a transplant as of yet. She may go in for another biopsy in a year or so if things continue the way they are but time will tell. Today she started a new drug called Prograf. Prograf is used in transplant patients and they have found it sometimes helps people with kidney disease. Along with a compromised immune system it can cause kidney damage so she will have to have routine blood test to insure her kidneys are not being damaged.

I forget that Myla is growing up, that she is listening to what I say when I am on the phone. Well Myla heard what I was saying the other day about blood test and so she asked me this morning about it. I never know what the right answer is. Do I tell her everything or just explain that they will draw her blood on the way to the doctor's office. Well today I told her about the new medicine and that they will need to check her blood to make sure her kidneys are ok. Well that did not go over well. I spent the morning with a crying child begging me not to give her the new medicine. So I guess next time I will not explain as much. Live and learn.

I have also learned that I need more me time. So a friend talked me into doing a craft fair in November. I am so excited to have an excuse to bring out all my crafty stuff. Sorry Kirk we may not see the dining table for a few months but it will be fun!!
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