Monday, August 2, 2010


So I know when you go out to eat fast food your are not eating for your healthy but come on. My hubby was sick and craving KFC (gross) so I picked him up some (What I felt bad, he was really sick).

Have you ever looked at the back of the honey packet? I would guess the ingredients would be ummm HONEY. Well that is one of the but not first on the list, it is third.


High Fructose corn syrup, sugar, honey, corn syrup. natural flavor, caramel color.

Can you believe that? I know it is always about the bottom line but really!

This beautiful picture of REALLY honey was provided by


cambridgeclan said...

No joke. You would think they would leave certain things alone.

Nikki said...

Oh I forgot to tell you about that! Unfreakinbelievable.

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