Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Myla Update

Yesterday Myla had an appointment at Oakland, Kaiser to do a kidney biopsy. I was totally full of emotion. Oakland Kaiser is a huge hospital. When we got there I was walking down the halls with my sweet little girl and I was so scared. There was so many very nice people that I did not know. That did not know us or my little girl.

Over the past year every doctor's appointment I have told Myla everything that was going to happen a few days before. Then we talk about it a few times so she would not be scared and also she would know what to expect. When I talked to her about the I.V. I explained that they would put a numbing cream on first and that she would feel a little pain and pressure but it would not hurt as bad a last time.

Well the nurses made me into a big liar!

The nurse asked if they needed to get a blanket to wrap her in and strap her down. Ummm no!!! I said she will cry but will not move. So the first nurse that tried did not seem like he knew what he was doing. So a second nurse tried. They kept jamming the needle in over and over again. Myla is really good. She does not move an inch but she was screaming from pain. After two nurses tried I said no more and I wanted a vain specialist. Next the charge nurse came in and it took her two tries and a blown vain for her to get it. While we were trying to calm Myla down her doctor came in. What a huge sigh of relief to see someone we knew. Myla calmed down. I think Myla knew she was safe now seeing a doctor she knew.

Then from the tenth floor down to the basement we went as they wheeled her down in this cute peach gown in a massive bed. It made her look so small and innocent. Myla had to wave to everyone we passed and say hi.

Kirk went in with her first so I could get Capri to sleep (Capri came with us). When I gave Capri back to Kirk I went in and there were about eight doctors and nurses standing around her bed. They had me dress down in the full gear (scrubs, hat, shoe covers and face mask). Myla was given this really crazy jokers hat earlier and so she wanted to wear that hat under her white hospital hat. She looked so silly but loved every moment of all of us "dressing up".

In the operating room I got really nerves. There were about fifteen people in there, three specialist doctors and then rest nurses. This is now the second time I have seen someone put Myla under and let me tell you it does not get any easier. The first time she was put under she was breathing really weird almost like she could barely breath and this time she went almost stiff. She did not look or feel like my little girl.

Right after they put her out one of the specialist I have never met asked me if they explained all the risks. I said yes they did. He asked again did they tell you about the risk of bleeding. I explained that they did and then he said ok and if we can not stop the bleeding we will have to remove her kidney. What, wait no one explained that to me. It takes so much faith to leave your child and trust in people you do not know to care for your child and believe they will do everything right. I looked at Myla's Nephrologist and just had to trust her.

Kirk and I sat out in the waiting room and prayed for our little girl and the doctors.

Everything went well with the biopsy. Myla did not have any bleeding problems. It was about eight hours before she got released from the hospital and we were able to go home.

I am trying to get Myla to take it easy but that is not working really well. Her kidneys are sore but she seems to be doing fine. We should find out the results from the biopsy hopefully by Friday if not next week some time.

My mom watched Sariah while we were down in Oakland. It was so nice to focus our attention on Myla. The sweetest thing I was reminded of is the love of sisters.
We went down to Oakland Sunday night since we had to be at the hospital at 8am and we did not want to fight Monday morning traffic. As soon as we woke up Monday morning Myla wanted to call Sariah. Every time I would call my mom to give her updates Myla would want to talk to Sariah and tell her she loved her and missed her. Then that night when we picked up Sariah, the first thing she did is gave Myla a BIG hug. Sariah was so gentle with Myla and knew that she was sore and was so sweet.

Listening to Myla and how much so loves her sister and missed her reminded me of my sister. My sister and I have always had a great relationship. I hope my girls will be just as close!


cambridgeclan said...

What an experience. Thank you for sharing the update. I am so glad everything went well.

Nikki said...

Wow! Thanks for the tears. That was very sweet. I loved the pictures. She is soooo little in that huge bed but that smile is infectious!

Katie said...

What cute sisters they are. Seriously cute that they wanted to talk on the phone the whole time they were apart.

I'm glad everything went well down there. Let us know how the results are!

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