Thursday, August 12, 2010


Does anyone else with small children get the feeling that this blessing we have to be parents is such a short journey?

Each day I see my kids growing, learning new things, and developing their own personalities. I see how fast this time with them goes.

Sariah has really turned a corner these past few weeks. We have always called her the distructor. She loves to smash things, take them apart or spill things just to see what happens. Being the one that has to clean up the mess, has been hard but at the same time I see that she is learning. Kirk was the same way when he was a kid.

Sariah has started to listen, she is talking so much better and communicating her needs or ideas. She still continues to keep me on my toes, like rubbing a whole stick of butter on herself last night like a was Thanksgiving turkey. I just love her!

Myla is reading (small words but she is reading), drawing the sweetest pictures and boy is she a cuddle bug.

Capri is rolling over which I never thought would happen since I never put her down. She is by far my easiest baby but she is growing up way to fast!

The amazing thing is I look at each one of my kids and I know why Heavenly Father blessed me with them. Why they were chosen for me. They have taught me so much and continue to teach me.

Being a mother is the greatest blessing I have been given on this earth. I want to enjoy every second but only wish it would not go by so fast!

Myla, Sariah and Capri I love you more than words could ever say.

If I teach my children nothing else I pray it will be that I LOVE them. More importantly I pray that they will know that their Heavenly Father loves them.

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Nikki said...

Good job mommy! I love all your girls! I have noticed a big difference in Sariah too :) I love how well she talks now, it's so cute! I can't believe C is rolling over! I want to see her new trick :)

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