Friday, July 2, 2010

Up for a challenge??

Anyone want to try a new challenge? This is the perfect season to enjoy fresh produce, milk, and meat at your local farmers market. So here is the challenge, for one week enjoy only locally grown food. It is so easy here in El Dorado County but it involves a little leg work and some creativity. I dare you to see how good you feel!!

As a side note I am so in love with my garden. On the drive home from our vacation I could not wait to see how my garden had grown while I was gone. Even my little Sariah was so excitted about getting back home and picking strawberries. Tonight we sat out in the garden and enjoyed picking and eating very juicy strawberries. I love sharing this passion with my kids and making memories together. The great thing is you do not need a huge yard or even a yard to have your own garden.

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