Friday, July 2, 2010

Patrick's Point

Last week we went to Patrick's Point to go camping for the week. Patrick's Point is in California, on the Oregon coast. We feel asleep listening to the crashing waves and woke up to seals barking. We last went here when Myla was four months old, we really missed it here. I think this was one of my most relaxing and enjoyable vacations. We went hiking, bike riding or playing at the beach. Kirk and all the kids would play and I would sit in a chair holding little Capri and enjoy a good book. It was perfect! I am still so sore from all the bike rides and hiking but well worth it.

Also right next to Patrick's Point is this really cute organic town called Trinidad that I just love to visit. It just feels like home there.

Paige is growing into such a pretty young lady. Everyday I am amazed at how old she is looking and acting.
I love Sariah's smile and the background is breath taking.

We love tide pools. Every time we go to the ocean we always have to check when low tide is and go and see what new sea life we can find.

The BEST fish and chips I have ever had! This is halibut and was so amazing. Our new favorite place to stop!

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cambridgeclan said...

Patrick's point is beautiful. The towns around it are a kick. It is like the last 3 decades haven't happened yet.

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