Thursday, July 8, 2010


I know I am just taking the easy way out but it is so much easier to post an update on Myla on my blog then to retell all our friends and family.

Since my last update on Myla a few weeks ago she finally went into remission (stopped spilling protein). It was a welcome relief since we were not sure why the steroids did not seem to be working. Well that relief only lasted a few days; this was the first time Myla had relapsed on full steroids. Since Myla was diagnosed one year ago, she has only relapsed on really low dose steroids or right when she comes off of them. We were completely surprised.

Today we met with her Nephrologists and the decision was made that she needs to have a biopsy done on her kidneys. She will need to have it done in Oakland, CA the first week in August. After they get the results back she will start a new drug called Prograf. From what I understand, Prograf is kind of like Cytoxin (the chemo drug) that she has been taking for the past few months. It will have just about the same effects on her immune system and also add to her discomfort. The biggest concern we have is that it is known to cause kidney damage. (Side note- Ummm I thought we were trying to help her kidneys) Her doctor said that they will monitor her kidneys very closely to try and avoid that from happening.

I guess it is just another bump in the road. We are just hoping from a quick remission so she will not puff up like a stay puff marshmallow again.

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