Friday, July 30, 2010

Green Friday

As you have probably figured out by now I am really into being more "green". I really am finding enjoyment in the simpler life style. I'm not sure why they call it simpler because ummm there is a lot of work involved. But that is a different story.

Anyway I thought Friday's are a great day to be green. Each Friday I would like to do a new post of very simple things people can do to live a little more green.

I would like to share the two most recent changes I have done in our home.

First I'm not sure why but the person who built our home was not thinking when they placed the hot water heater in the garage which is on the complete opposite end from our showers. Each morning when we would shower it would really bother me (yes I know I have problems) all the water that would go down the drain waiting for the water to heat up. So I figured out a REALLY cheap way to not waste 2.5 gallons of water per day. I have a five gallon bucket in my bathroom and when Kirk turns on the water he puts the bucket in to fill up while he is waiting for warm water. When it is hot he takes the bucket out puts a lid on it (drowning hazard for little kids) and then I water our potted plants with it and our flowers out front.

If you have not thought I went off the deep end just wait it gets better. We drink a lot of water around here. No juice or soda here. So there ends up being a lot of glasses of water left out being wasted so I water my indoor plants with that.

Second at Target I found for $2.50 green and silver small garbage cans. I thought it would be perfect to keep in our bathrooms and much easier for the kids to help recycle. Recyclables go in the green can and then everything else goes in the silver can. OK not totally eco friendly since I went out to purchase something new rather than making do with something around the house but it still is a good step in the right direction.

So I know it probably sounds a little crazy but it does make a difference. It makes a difference for us and for our kids. Even starting off really small by recycling helps.


Katie said...

Its amazing how much water you actually can start accumumlating in those buckets (we use the bright orange home depot buckets) when you take showers! You sometimes have to get creative with how to use it if or you'll fill all your buckets and not have anymore to catch with. Here are a few more things you can do with that water:

(My Mom and Dad taught us to be EXPERTS at water conservation when we lived in Barrow, Alaska my senior year in high school because the water bill would have been $750 a month if we didn't)

You can also use that water to flush the toilet without pulling that lever down? Just start pouring in and then the toilet will flush on its own. Just stop once you see it going down. We kept a 5 gallon bucket next to the toilet and dirty water from around the house was poured into the bucket to be used to flush with.

Put a small wash basin in the sink in the bathrooms for handwashing instead of running the faucet. Dip your hands in, get them wet, lather up with soap, rinse in basin. Put dirty water in bucket next to the toilet to be used to flush.

If you're crazy enough, I can teach you how to save water when using the washing machine........(If you have a top loading washer). Its really involved, but it works.

We also only used our dishwasher as a drying rack. We washed by hand using very little water and a basin of water to rinse in. Then just placed them in the dishwasher to air dry (or dried them with a towel on the spot). ON the next run of dishes we used the rinse water as the soapy water....and got clean rinse water. The dirty soapy water goes to the toilet bucket.

You're idea of a green Friday is awesome....I could be doing more around my house...and by could I mean, I should. I guess I'm forgetting my roots............ Thanks for the kick in the pants!

Nikki said...

Um WOW to both you and Katie! I'm soooo far behind. And seriously, you have to stop saying your crazy! You need to see the musical Urine Town (up for a trip to NY?). You would die laughing and totally appreciate water conservation all the more! I'm going to try the toilet thing that Katie suggested since I don't have enough plants to water that much.

howellblog said...

Our house in CP was the same...I wish I would have thought of that! I'm starting my parents recycling's driving me crazy they don't have a recycle pick up and they throw all the thick daily newspapers away. So I did the same with one of the garbages and will have to take it up to a city bin to recycle. But it will be worth it!

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