Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Impact Man

I LOVE documentaries! In my spare time (ha ha) I love reading, watching, and searching to learn something new. Here is my latest find, a documentary called "No Impact Man". This film is about a New York couple on a yearlong journey into making no net impact on the environment. They ate locally organic food from the farmers market, produced no trash, and no carbon-fueled transportation. I do not think they did it perfect but I took a lot out of the video and really made me think. That’s what documentaries are for, right?

I would have loved the film even more if they would have beeped out the bad words. There are about four through out the movie and about four in the last 15 mins. Just FYI

1 comment:

Gloria Meredith Photography (娥子攝影) said...

I will rent it and watch. I love foreign films and documentary.

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