Friday, June 11, 2010

Myla Update

Myla relapsed two weeks ago and normally we pump her full of steroids and within three days she stops spilling protein. We started her meds 12 days ago and she is still spilling protein and getting puffier by the day.

We met with her Nephrologist yesterday and they said that she has two weeks to stop spilling protein. If she does not stop spilling protein then they will do a biopsy to see if her Minimal Change Disease Nephrotic Syndrome has changed into another kind of Nephrotic Syndrome.

I'm guessing that it is taking so long for her to stop spilling protein because a week after she relapsed she got the stomach flu. We just are not sure.

So really it is a waiting game at this point. Waiting to see if she goes into remission and then deciding what we want to do next.

Here are some current pictures of Myla. She has gained 5 lbs in the last two weeks. I know it does not sound like much but on a 30 pound frame it is a lot. I can always tell that she has relapsed by here eye lids first. It is the first thing to get puffy.

This is a picture of Myla's belly. She looks about nine months pregnant and at night it gets even bigger. It reminds me of when I was pregnant because her belly button is all stretched. She really is a good sport about it. She just keeps asking way her belly is so big.


Nikki said...

Puffy or not,she really is such a beautiful little lady! We'll keep the prayers coming! What a sweet pea.

Kinoshita Family Blog said...

Poor Myla bear. I wish we were still there so I could help you guys out. She is in our prayers. Tell her Auntie loves her a ton!! She is so precious!!!

Gloria Meredith Photography (娥子攝影) said...

May God be with you all. <<>>>

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