Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catching up on the week!

I was lucky enough to have my sister and her family in town this week, boy did we play and have a great time.

So hold on we are going to go through the week fast!

They had a great excuse to visit. My brother in law's long time best friend was getting married and they were asked to be in the wedding.

K was the flower girl and N was the ring bearer. They are the sweetest kids you will ever meet. K is growing up so fast. She broke my heart when she cried when I said good bye to her last night. I just LOVE these kids!!

The traditional Memorial Day is normally spent swimming and enjoying BBQ. This year our weather has been so crazy that we spent Memorial Day in the snow. We went up to Tahoe and on the way enjoyed throwing a few snow balls. The funny thing is it looks really cold but really it was in the 60's.

Saturday was my cousin's graduation and so we went to my uncles house to celebrate. I totally fell in love with their property. It stretching out on 22 acres of private land with rolling hills, pond, garden and horses. The girls loved their horse ride and we can wait to go back again soon.

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