Saturday, June 19, 2010


I found this blog of a photographer that wanted to capture the "beauty and normalcy of breastfeeding". Check out her blog here. She photographs everyday mothers doing what they do best. Feeding their babies. She wants to bring awareness to breastfeeding, and help inspire more women to breastfeed their children.

I think one of the greatest gifts we have as mothers is to breastfeed our babies. Nursing helps me slow down and take that precious time with each one of my babies. I nursed Myla until she was 15 months and then she self weaned. I nursed Sariah until she was 18 months and then I weaned her because I was a few months pregnant with Capri and was having bleeding problems. Moments spent nursing my babies is some of the sweetest moments I have as a mommy. Children grow way to fast and I am grateful for the time I have to hold them, stroke their hair and bond with them. I will be so sad when that season in life is over. I will enjoy every moment I have....

Look at his sweet little hand.

"I wouldn't trade this time for anything. It is precious and provides sweet moments of joy. I will treasure these quiet memories all my life, for they are when I truly feel like a mother." ~Amy, mama to 2 month old Maxwell

"Because of insufficient support in the hospital where I delivered, breastfeeding took all the dedication I could muster for the first four months. But even during that painful time, my most sacred moments with my daughter, the moments when I felt the most intense love and greatest responsibility for her soul, took place while she was wrapped around me, one hand lovingly poised on my back, the other curled around my finger, eyes rolled back, and those blessed swallows the only noise in the room. Since then, breastfeeding has offered her not only nourishment and protection but both of us comfort and connection. It is a relationship I’ll always cherish." ~Rachel, mama to 2 year old Zoe

Saturday, June 12, 2010

No Impact Man

I LOVE documentaries! In my spare time (ha ha) I love reading, watching, and searching to learn something new. Here is my latest find, a documentary called "No Impact Man". This film is about a New York couple on a yearlong journey into making no net impact on the environment. They ate locally organic food from the farmers market, produced no trash, and no carbon-fueled transportation. I do not think they did it perfect but I took a lot out of the video and really made me think. That’s what documentaries are for, right?

I would have loved the film even more if they would have beeped out the bad words. There are about four through out the movie and about four in the last 15 mins. Just FYI

Friday, June 11, 2010

Myla Update

Myla relapsed two weeks ago and normally we pump her full of steroids and within three days she stops spilling protein. We started her meds 12 days ago and she is still spilling protein and getting puffier by the day.

We met with her Nephrologist yesterday and they said that she has two weeks to stop spilling protein. If she does not stop spilling protein then they will do a biopsy to see if her Minimal Change Disease Nephrotic Syndrome has changed into another kind of Nephrotic Syndrome.

I'm guessing that it is taking so long for her to stop spilling protein because a week after she relapsed she got the stomach flu. We just are not sure.

So really it is a waiting game at this point. Waiting to see if she goes into remission and then deciding what we want to do next.

Here are some current pictures of Myla. She has gained 5 lbs in the last two weeks. I know it does not sound like much but on a 30 pound frame it is a lot. I can always tell that she has relapsed by here eye lids first. It is the first thing to get puffy.

This is a picture of Myla's belly. She looks about nine months pregnant and at night it gets even bigger. It reminds me of when I was pregnant because her belly button is all stretched. She really is a good sport about it. She just keeps asking way her belly is so big.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is it clean??

If you are like me, I hate watching a movie and being half way into it just to find out that it is a little too much for me. I found this great website that reviews each movie. It reports the good, the bad, and it even lists how many bad words are spoken and the count of each one, including taking the Lord's name in vain.

We use it when our teen daughter asks to go and see a movie with a friend. We read the website and then we make a decision together. Check it out!

Shirts and Skins

For family home evening we went for a family bike ride and then ended up at the school by our house. Kirk, P and D were riding around and the little girls and I were playing. There were some guys there playing basketball (shirts and skins). Sariah saw the guys and said, "Mommy those guys are nakey". After a few minutes she came back over to me and said, "Mommy...... can I go over there and get nakey"? Ummm no.

Sariah is so funny. It is a full time job keeping clothes and shoes on that girl.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catching up on the week!

I was lucky enough to have my sister and her family in town this week, boy did we play and have a great time.

So hold on we are going to go through the week fast!

They had a great excuse to visit. My brother in law's long time best friend was getting married and they were asked to be in the wedding.

K was the flower girl and N was the ring bearer. They are the sweetest kids you will ever meet. K is growing up so fast. She broke my heart when she cried when I said good bye to her last night. I just LOVE these kids!!

The traditional Memorial Day is normally spent swimming and enjoying BBQ. This year our weather has been so crazy that we spent Memorial Day in the snow. We went up to Tahoe and on the way enjoyed throwing a few snow balls. The funny thing is it looks really cold but really it was in the 60's.

Saturday was my cousin's graduation and so we went to my uncles house to celebrate. I totally fell in love with their property. It stretching out on 22 acres of private land with rolling hills, pond, garden and horses. The girls loved their horse ride and we can wait to go back again soon.

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