Friday, May 21, 2010

Productive week

Move wood from front porch, clean and buy new bistro table for the porch. Check
Rototill the flower garden in the front yard and plant new flowers. Check
Rototill the veggie garden in the back yard and plant summer garden. Check

Oh how I love to work outside. This is the PERFECT time of year to work in the yard. The sun is shinning but it is not hot. The sweet sound of the birds, the cool breeze...

This year in my garden I have the year round plants that are starting to flower and produce fruit. Like my strawberry plant (totally going crazy, we are getting a bowl full each day and the flavor is unlike anything I have ever had) blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, mint and artichoke.

My new plants are watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini, yellow squash, spaghetti squash, corn, tomatoes, broccoli, yellow peppers, red peppers, orange peppers, green peppers, rhubarb and potatoes. There are a few more things I still want to plant but I am so excited to at least have some things in the ground. Each year my garden gets bigger and bigger, one day I hope to do a garden large enough that we will be able to eat just from my own ground.
There is nothing better then picking produce out of your garden and then making a wonderful fresh homemade meal. I still dream of land but today I will make do with what space we do have.


cambridgeclan said...

Umm My first thought is Hello did you not just have and baby and then I think of how awesome you are and how fun a garden is. Be careful with the mint. It grows like a weed and can take over. Putting it in a pot keeps it from overtaking other plants. I am excited for you that everything is growing so well.

Wilkins Clan said...

Yes mint is totally crazy! I planted it last year in my garden knowing that is grows crazy so this year I am going to pull it and put it in a pot. :)

Thank goodness for a very easy baby so far. I have been able to get a lot done. I pray she will stay easy. I think I deserve it after my two wild and crazy girls.

Lisa said...

We have strawberries growing in our backyard and Jacob just picked the first ripe one the other day. The kids are very excited for more! How blessed you are to have the time to do all of this.

Nikki said...

Whoa there momma! You are awesome! Can't wait to see the new "land" you're making great use of. Wish I had a garden, wish I could keep something alive! I think I even killed the mint :( It's a curse. I'd be dead if I were Polynesian (it's a law in Tonga to have your own garden!). I'm glad Capri is being good for you.

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