Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Miracles

Being a mom is the most amazing, rewarding, beautiful, challenging, draining, hard job I think there is. There is no 9am-5pm job here. It is 24/7.

I found out about a blog from one of my friends that has helped me through the hard times of being a parent to really put my life in prospective.

The story of this blog

A family went to church with their one child a little two year old girl. She was having a hard time in church so they decided to go home early. In the car the mother had given her daughter a couple slices of apple. She turned around to start the car and heard her daughter choking really bad. They could not help the little girl. They life flighted her to a nearby hospital and with emergency surgery were able to free the small piece of apple. But due to the lack of oxygen she died.

In this blog she talks about the grief she had and has losing her daughter, her struggles since then, how her faith in Jesus Christ has grown and her love for Him that give his life so she could live again with her daughter Lucy one day.

This blog is beautiful. It helps me remember how precious life is. How precious each moment I have with my kids. Since I read this blog a while back I do not mind taking 30 or 40+ minutes putting my kids to bed. Reading them that extra story or singing that extra song.

Since the day my first child was born, every single night when I go to bed I tell my Heavenly Father how thankful I am for my kids. I am grateful for everyday I get to spend with them.

May we all remember how short life is and enjoy those around us fully since we never know how much time we have with them.

Here is a website that she created. Click on the link to read her story and see a very inspiring video.

Here is her blog


Lisa said...

Tiffany, this post came at the right time for me. Thank you for putting some perspective into my day and being a blessing with your inspired words.

Wilkins Clan said...

This blog has helped me on the hard days. I am glad it helped you.

Katie said...

I love how she writes....and isn't afraid to admit she's scared sometimes. She finds the positive hidden in the smallest corners of her life.........

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