Sunday, May 16, 2010

Myla update

Yesterday was a big day for us. It was Myla's last day of chemo!! Hurray! We really felt the Lord's hand in the few months Myla was on chemo. She has had very few days of not feeling good and we have only noticed hair loss the past two weeks. So overall it went better than expected.

Myla went down to a low dose of steroids four weeks ago and that is when she normally relapses and so far she has done really well. Including having a cold two weeks ago (sickness normally makes kids relapse even a running nose).

I thought she we be done with steroids yesterday but her doctor wants her to stay on it for another month just to make sure. We will keep praying for her but we really are SOOOOO grateful that she has been in remission this long and will hopefully be off all meds soon.

Here is a funny picture of the girls. Myla LOVES to sit in Paige's chair and listen to her books on tape. On the other hand Sariah LOVES to do anything Myla is doing and for some reason clothing is optional with her. She is wearing a diaper but to keep clothes on her is a full time job.
Oh how I love these girls!!


cambridgeclan said...

Myla is really starting to look like you. I am so glad all is going well with Myla.

Katie said...

Oh that makes me so happy that she's responded well to the chemo! I hope it continues. Will keep her in our prayers.

I love that your two girlies are there for eachother...... its so cute.

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