Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just in time for the heat

I am so excited about this new sewing project I have been working on. My sister gave me this idea a few years back and for some reason I just remember it now and thought I would make it.

My sister lives in Arizona and the summers get crazy hot!! So a lady came up with this idea to keep her carseat buckles from getting so hot that they could burn her children. I always feel bad putting my kids in hot carseats and then on really hot days putting a blanket over the buckles so they don't get burned.

I found a few websites selling them for around $50 each, with three kids in carseats there was no way I was going to spend $150 plus shipping. So I looked at what they did and then decided to make my own.

This is made from great fabric that you would use to make a cooler or lunch pail to keep things cold. I then sewed fabric over that and made two pouches, one for the top of the carseat and one for the bottom of the carseat. Then I bought two freezer packs.

The idea is when I leave the house to go shopping during the summer I grab the cold packs out of the freezer and stick them in the pouches I made. When I go into a store I will put the pouches or carseat covers over the carseat to keep it nice and cool for the kids when we come out.

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Katie said...

Thats a great idea...I might make some up myself!

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