Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sorry we have not been good at returning calls. My uterus is infected again (happened after I had Sariah) so I am down for the count. Last time I went back into the hospital for five days with three different kinds of IV antibiotics. This time they think they caught it early enough, they gave me a shot and some oral drugs. I go back to the doctor tomorrow to make sure.

Also Capri's jaundice is a little to high so we have to bring her back in and get her levels check again tomorrow also. If they have not gone down then they will have us try the home light therapy. I think she will be fine. My milk has come in and she has gone through lots of diapers.

Kirk and my mom have been really great so we should all be feeling better soon. Anyway more pictures to follow soon!


Nikki said...

Awww. I hope you don't have to go back to the hospital! I'm glad they caught it early. Capri didn't look jaundice to me but I didn't see her eyes open. Poor thing. I hope she flushes it out with all the nursing! I'm glad you have help and let me know if I can help too! Get REST REST REST (I know, funny joke right!?)

Lisa said...

Hang in there Tiff. We're all thinking about you. I was looking closely at those pictures of Capri and she is SO BEAUTIFUL! She has your nose and lips. Like Nikki said, rest all you can, drink lots of water, and let little Capri nurse her heart out. It will help with the jaundice (which is common in babies who come a little early, by the way.) This will pass quickly, I promise.

Katie said...

Yikes! Would you rather still be pregnant again though? At least you're on the mend....keep up the great work.

Call if you need anything.

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