Saturday, April 3, 2010

My soap box

Disclosure- I hope I do not offend anyone by my thoughts. If you are easily offended you might not want to read this.

Conference today was AMAZING! There is nothing better than to have strong, faithful, humble men and women teaching us inspired truths. Even after four hours of conference today I felt like I could not get enough. All the talks were so amazing and the spirit was so strong.

One of the talks today was on something that I have been thinking about for awhile. Something that really bothers me.

The talk was by one of my favorite speakers, Jeffrey R. Holland. He started his talk with a question. Why is there so much moral decay around us? As I just stated, this is something that really bothers me. We live in a world where Satan is all around. On Hwy 50 there are billboards with porn on them. Some how this has become acceptable to have out in the open for our children, husbands and even ourselves to see.

Movies, books and radio. I am completely appalled at most forms of entertainment available to us today. I have decided not to see most PG-13 movies because I really feel that PG-13 is the new R. I chose not to be half dressed when I go out. I chose not to curse. I respect the bonds of matrimony. I believe sex should be within the bonds the Lord has set, within Marriage. I try not to talk about sacred things or use crude humor. I am not violent. I do not share these things to boast or say that I am better than those who chose to do those things. Now if I chose not to do those things why would I watch a movie that has those things in them. Why would I watch a movie that takes the spirit away from me.

I feel the same with books. I LOVE to read and I feel reading is very empowering. That we can learn so much from other people. I also think that there are a lot of books that can take the spirit away (just like anything else).
There have been many talks about romance novels. In our family we have had many talks about this subject and we have opened up some books "that everyone else is reading" and read them as a family. It is amazing how different we can see things if we look at them in the eyes of what our children are seeing.

I use to love listening to the radio. I have since turned it off and I bring my own CD's with me in the car. I would normally just zone out when I was driving and not really listen to the words. When I started really listening to the words I decided that it was not for me. Or even worse the commercials or the radio DJ's.

OK so here is how I can relate all my options back to the talk. We are an example in EVERYTHING we do to our kids. Even though it many not seem like they are watching they are and they are learning. I truly believe that we decide how sensitive we are to things we see or hear. I know for me if say I watch a movie that has cursing in it at, first it bothers me and then the more movies I watch the less it bothers me and then not at all. Same with everything else around us. The more we accept it or say well it is in everything the less sensitive we will become.

For the Strength of Youth pamphlet is such a great resource. Having teenagers has really helped us look into things more and rely on the Lord to guide us. When we sat down and read the pamphlet it really opened our eyes to the choices we make and how much media has to do with it.


Lisa said...

Good for you for speaking up about this Tiffany. I am in complete agreement with you. Thank goodness we know that things WILL get better- unfortunately, we also know they will fist have to get worse. I am so scared raising my children in this world, as I know there is evil at every turn. At the same time, it also strengthens my testimony. The more rampant Satan becomes, the more I think, "I must be doing something right." I wish more people could stand up for the right. And by the way, you should never worry about offending people when you are taking the Lord's side.

cambridgeclan said...

I am right with you on the media thing. It drives me crazy.

Nikki said...

How was that offensive? I liked what you had to say...and I think you're right. I liked how you guys dealt with that "very popular book" and your teenager. I think that was a really good idea!

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